Mortar technology by Rheinmetall

Setting the standard for precision and range

Faced with a wider mission spectrum, today’s armed forces require reconnaissance, C4I and firepower capabilities that are versatile and responsive, combining outstanding survivability with excellent tactical and strategic mobility. Successful military outcomes depend on interlocking "systems of systems" capable of carrying out robust combined and joint peacekeeping and peace-enforcement operations. Having an organic fire support capability can be critical here, enabling infantry units deployed in a combat, reconnaissance or monitoring role to respond to threats in a scalable manner through direct or indirect fire.

Mortars have an important part to play in countering the terrorist threat to forward operating bases and convoys in hazardous areas of operation. Owing to improvements in range, precision and lethality, modern mortars enable troops deployed in counterinsurgency operations to engage targets successfully even in difficult terrain and built-up areas.

120 mm track-mounted mortar system

Systematic FE analysis, lightweight design and high-strength materials have produced a mortar system weighing just 310 kg. Based on the Tampella 120 mm mortar, the increased wall strength in high-stress zones of the tube and the use of high-strength materials enable a maximum range of 8km with the mortar’s specially developed rounds. It is also extremely accurate. Furthermore, the mortar’s recoil system makes it perfect for lightweight platforms like Rheinmetall’s Wiesel tracked armoured vehicle.

Mortar ammunition families

Rheinmetall's newly developed family of 120 mm mortar ammunition sets new standards for precision and range. The shells, which contain a variety of advanced payloads, feature a state-of-the-art propelling system. Fired from our modern 120 mm mortar system, they can attain ranges of up to 8km. Rheinmetall Defence is now applying its extensive experience – especially in the field of explosive charges – to its 81 mm and 60 mm mortar ammunition families as well.

60 mm mortar RSG60

RSG60 commando variant

RSG60 commando variant

Rheinmetall's new 60 mm mortar is developed for infantry and special forces. Its innovative design and engineering characteristics provide significant weight saving and present a two-in-one solution.

Standard RSG60

Standard RSG60

The 15.8 kg indirect fire system can be turned into a 6.8 kg commando mortar in around thirty seconds with just a few manual adjustments.

Ranges of up to 3,200 metres can be attained with the standard version and can be increased by around 500 metres when equipped with an optional thirty centimetre-longer barrel. The commando variant of the RSG60 attains a range of around 2,000 metres.

Mortar training system

To ensure safe handling and effective use of military equipment, a good initial grounding and continuous training are vital. Rheinmetall’s mortar training systems realistically simulate the entire operational sequence. A reusable carrier cartridge is available for each system, identical in form and design to standard full-calibre ammunition types. This assures realistic simulation of preparation, loading and firing operations.