The cutting edge in modern artillery technology

As Europe’s foremost supplier of systems and equipment for ground forces, Rheinmetall combines longstanding experience with unrivalled commitment to innovation, spearheading development of armoured vehicles, main armament, ammunition, reconnaissance sensors and network technology – all dedicated to keeping artillery the King of Battle in the 21st century.

Among the Group’s core competencies is the innovative combination of main armament and ammunition technologies, resulting in high-performance solutions that are revolutionizing the art of gunnery.

155 mm artillery main armament

The PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer – armed with a 155 mm L52 main gun developed by Rheinmetall – is widely held to be most advanced, most effective artillery system anywhere. Extremely accurate and highly reliable, the PzH 2000 achieves a high rate of fire owing to its automatic loading system. Moreover, it is capable of lobbing NATO shells up to 30 kilometres; with extended range projectiles, it can hit targets up to 40 kilometres away. The system’s modularly designed main armament is also suitable for integration into other self-propelled and towed systems.

155 mm artillery ammunition

Modern artillery doctrine calls for a well-balanced mix of ammunition capable of meeting the full range of contemporary mission requirements with maximum effectiveness. Rheinmetall Defence supplies an extensive of array of 155 mm ammunition for a wide variety of missions at long ranges of engagement.
These include high explosive shells (some featuring insensitive explosives), illumination rounds for the visual and IR spectrums, multispectral smoke/obscurant projectiles, the sensor-fused SMart round, and practice ammunition.

The 155 mm sensor-fused DM702 – SMArt projectile

Intelligent and autonomous, the SMArt®155 is a highly effective sensor-fused, fire-and-forget artillery projectile that delivers outstanding cost effectiveness. Known by the Bundeswehr as the DM702, the SMArt®155 can be fired from any 155 mm gun.
Equally effective against stationary and moving targets, it enables artillery commanders to engage lightly and heavily armoured vehicles in top attack mode in all weathers and in all types of terrain with pinpoint precision.