Survivor R 4x4

Protected multirole vehicle

Jointly developed by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) and Achleitner, the Survivor R offers a perfect combination of mobility, protection and payload delivering an optimal support solution for modern armed and special forces in all operating environments. The Survivor R is designed in civil appearance and can be customized by optional equipment packages according to police-specific requirements.

Based on a 330hp (242kW) 4 x 4 truck chassis by MAN, the combined all-wheel drive expertise of MAN and Achleitner, the Survivor R is equipped with an armoured crew compartment by Rheinmetall Defence, combining proven series production and automotive components with state-of-the-art protection technology. This making it one of the most cost-effective solutions available today.

On TV – "JP" on tour with Survivor

Recently, Jean Pierre Kraemer, well known from the German TV series "PS-Profis", had the chance to drive with the Survivor R. He tested the special response vehicle thoroughly. Take a look at his test drive, that, even for JP, was far from ordinary!
(video language: German)

Further features

The armoured steel hull can be discretely up-armoured with adaptive protection elements to counter changing threat scenarios. The gas-tight monocoque can be equipped with a CBRN ventilation system to protect the crew against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents.

The large and bright vehicle interior is easy to clean and offers sufficient space for up to 10 crew members including personal equipment and various command and communication equipment. An auxiliary heating and a powerful air conditioning system provide a comfortable and ergonomic operational environment throughout the whole year. The internal seating arrangement and stowage concept can be adapted and customised according to customer-specific requirements.

The consequent use of COTS and MOTS components ensures short delivery times and allows cost-effective worldwide service and maintainability within the Rheinmetall and MAN service network making Survivor R a vehicle solution with low life cycle costs and highest operational availability.

Key characteristics

  • Based on a series production MAN truck chassis
  • Cost-effective logistics and low lifecycle costs
  • Large protected internal volume for up to 10 crew members
  • Modular and scalable add-on protection
  • Worldwide logistic support by Rheinmetall and MAN service network

Special equipment and options

  • Hydraulic winch (100kN)
  • Dozer blade
  • Protective grids for windows
  • Run-flat elements and tyre shields
  • CBRN-ventilation system
  • Non-lethal effectors
  • Search lights
  • MARS® mobile adjustable ramp system

Survivor R CBRN

Rheinmetall’s CBRN reconnaissance systems and vehicles provide the world’s most advanced means of countering CBRN attacks. The primary mission of Survivor R CBRN, the latest addition to the RMMV portfolio, will be to detect, identify, mark, sample and report chemical, biological and radiological contamination and provide forecast information to units deployed in the area of operations.

The Survivor R CBRN is equipped with fully automated detectors for nuclear radiation as well as sensors for identifying chemical warfare agents and other hazardous materials. These include a remote standoff sensor for detecting distant clouds of chemical agents, providing immediate analysis and warning. Moreover, the Survivor R CBRN can operate on the move. In addition to its inherent identification capabilities the system can collect samples from soil, water, and ground for later reference analysis. It allows real-time transmission of all relevant CBRN information up the chain of command as well as immediate marking of contaminated areas to enhance the survivability and mobility of ground forces.