Measurement Technologies

Measuring technology is available for all types of tests and to satisfy a large spectrum of clients’ needs regarding the acquisition of variables and analysis of important parameters.

We are happy to discuss with you our range of possibilities. Our business offer ranges from the planning through to implementation and the evaluation of measured data.

For us, as your service provider, the results and contents of your tests are absolutely confidential.

Transport Simulation

Our jarring test equipment offers possibilities for tempered transport and shock simulations in compliance with all international standards. All excitation spectra can be carried out in a secure environment.

  • Test specimen: up to 1,000kg
  • Force vector: up to 120kN
  • Test temperature: from –54°C to +80°C
  • Oscillation: up to 3 inch (76mm)
  • Dimension max.: 140 x 140 x 100 (L xWx H)
  • Vertical and horizontal operation (table with sliding surface)

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