Cargo loading training

Rheinmetall provides the latest rear crew training aids for air transport platforms and is the world market leader providing Load Master Work Station Trainer (LMWST) and Cargo Hold Trainers for transport aircraft.

The LMWST is a training platform for imparting theoretical and procedural aspects that cannot be covered to a suitable standard or conclusion during flight training (e.g. aerial delivery and emergency procedures). The instructor is able to create, edit and direct an array of training scenarios and control the entire simulation.

The CHT provides a realistic full-size replica of the rear fuselage with a fully-operational cargo hold compartment including loadmaster controls and a cargo handling system floor. The system provides practical training for all ground operations and selected flight scenarios without the need to use valuable aircraft operating hours. Major training objectives are role changes, load preparation, loading and offloading, execution of on-ground and in-flight procedures, multi-crew cooperation and crew resource management skills.

Loadmastertraining for the A400M

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