Protection Systems Land

Rheinmetall offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions coupled with soft-kill systems to protect vehicles.

Rapid protection against a wide spectrum of enemy sensors and sight is one of the most important requirements in modern military missions. Being stopped by a barrier, crossing a street in urban combat or being threatened by snipers are examples of situations where spontaneous invisibility can substantially increase the survivability.

Rheinmetall provides smoke grenades to protect soldiers, small units and combat vehicles as well as multispectral and visual smoke projectiles for the employment of area smoke on the enemy area by artillery and mortars to protect larger units and military installations.

Furthermore Rheinmetall develops passive system solutions by applying the latest modular composite technologies for protecting from ballistic threats, for mine protection, IED protection, signature protection, protection from shaped charges and protection for military operations in built-up terrain.

With its new hybrid protection approach Rheinmetall combines active soft-kill and hard-kill technologies with passive protection. As protection system vendor the unit Protection System offers unique 360-degree protection solutions which have so far barely been represented on the market in this cross-product business constellation.

Rosy_L – Rapid Obscuring System

The unique 40mm Rosy_L smoke protection system offers light military and civilian vehicles protection from unexpected attacks, e.g. during patrols or when travelling in convoys. Unlike the conventional smoke protection systems in use, Rosy_L is able to generate dynamic smoke screens as well as spontaneous, large-area and multispectral interruption of the line of sight (LOS). Moreover, its multimission capability represents a sure defence against stream and wave attacks. Due to its integrated IR jamming and decoying capabilities, Rosy_L effectively counters all TV-, EO-, IR-, IIR-, laser- and SACLOS-guided weapons. Rosy_L comprises a basic system with a control device and one to four ROSY launchers per vehicle. By means of a one-click adapter, the system can be quickly mounted to the vehicle without tools, and just as quickly removed and stowed.

The latest version of Rosy is the modular Rosy_Mod. It is designed for small weapon stations and light vehicles of the kind used by special operations forces. Rosy_Mod is integrated directly into the vehicle without a surface-mounted launcher, thus making it undetectable.

Videos ROSY

Video ROSY on Fieldranger weapon station

SVPS – Smoke Vehicle Protection System

The 66 mm and 76 mm SVPS vehicle protection systems provide spontaneous protection against conventional weapons, weapons with optical devices and laser distance measurement. Thanks to sudden interruption of the line of sight (LOS) in the visual and infrared spectrum, the SVPS system significantly reduces the chance of enemy hits. The obscurant enables friendly vehicles to take evasive action, mount a counterattack or withdraw under cover. Screening and jamming result in guidance failure and/or loss of target information in infrared-guided munitions. Rheinmetall’s Maske smoke grenades can be deployed.

Maske – Multispectral Smoke Grenade

Maske is a vehicle-launched IR smoke screening grenade that significantly reduces the probability of enemy hits by interrupting the line of sight in the visual and infrared spectrum. It protects combat vehicles from visual and infrared observation, aiming equipment, sensor-guided weapons, laser illuminators, beamriders and laser rangefinders. Maske is based on a multispectral ammunition concept consisting of a rapid-reaction jamming module producing intense overradiation coupled with a long-duration module producing visual and infrared screening smoke. Numerous field trials have successfully demonstrated the jamming, screening and obscuring effectiveness. The Maske product family includes 66 mm, 76 mm and 81/81 mm smoke grenades, and the US version MK 1 Mod 0 66 mm.

ADS – Active Defence System

The Rheinmetall Active Defence System (ADS) belongs to a new generation of standoff active protection technologies. It is one of the world's most advanced and effective systems for protecting military vehicles of practically every weight class from operational threats, especially light antitank weapons, guided missiles and certain improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The system is based on the hard-kill principle, in which incoming projectiles are detected and instantly destroyed by directed energy immediately before reaching their target. It is the only high-performance close-in defence system which minimizes collateral damage in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Videos ADS

AMAP® product family – Advanced Modular Armour Protection

To assure the survival and operational readiness of the vehicle crew Rheinmetall Chempro supplies passive protection systems combining various elements, like e.g. steel armour, ceramic composite systems, liners and other advanced materials. The range comprises ballistic protection, mine protection, IED protection, fighting compartment protection, transparent protection, signature protection, protection from shaped charges and protection for military operations in built-up terrain. Rheinmetall Chempro can equip vehicles ranging in size and complexity from modified SUVs to main battle tanks with whatever level of protection the customer requires.

Military object protection VERH

One of the greatest challenges for modern armies is equipping vehicles, helicopters and ships with the maximum possible protection while keeping additional weight to a minimum. VERHA-Land (Versatile Rheinmetall Armour) is made of various materials tested for its suitability for military use, such as individually coated aramid, high performance polyethylene and glassfibre. Against higher threat levels these materials can be combined with various kinds of ballistic ceramics for optimum security and optimum mobility.

Protected Platforms – Composite Armour

HX77 with IAC (Integrated Armour Cabin)

HX77 with IAC (Integrated Armour Cabin)

Applying the latest modular composite technologies, Rheinmetall develops system solutions for protecting land systems from ballistic threats, landmines and IEDs. The Fuchs/Fox wheeled armoured transport vehicle, driver’s cabs and truck build-ons – all of these now benefit from our state-of-the-art force protection technologies. Rheinmetall Defence supplies modular, OEM-independent designs ranging from retrofit programmes and immediate operational need solutions to complete new developments. Additional selfdefence systems can be integrated as well, including weapon stations, smoke dispensers and HPEM systems. Rheinmetall is an even-handed partner for global defence system suppliers.

Liebherr – Protected mobile and recovery cranes

During the tendering process for mobile and recovery cranes, BAAINBw focused squarely on the need to protect the crew. In order to meet these stringent criteria, Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH works together with Rheinmetall, placing it in charge of the protected driver’s cab and protected crane cab. The Rheinmetall-made driver’s cab protects the crew from ballistic fire as well as from landmines and improvised explosive devices, while a filtration system keeps the occupants safe from nuclear, bacteriological and chemical agents. The upper cab, likewise produced by Rheinmetall, protects the crane operator from ballistic threats during crane operations. In both the G-LTM protected mobile crane and the G-BKF recovery crane vehicle, the cabs are identical.


The G-BKF recovery crane vehicle from Liebherr is able to recover and tow a wide variety of different vehicles.

The G-BKF recovery crane vehicle from Liebherr is able to recover and tow a wide variety of different vehicles.

The G-BKF is a protected recovery crane vehicle. Highly manoeuvrable, it performs extremely well even in the toughest terrain. Two recovery winches and a wheel lift mounted on the rear of the vehicle make the G-BKF the perfect system for recovering and towing a wide variety of vehicles.

Liebherr’s flexible G-LTM protected mobile crane performs extremely well in all types of terrain.

Liebherr’s flexible G-LTM protected mobile crane performs extremely well in all types of terrain.

The G-LTM ordered by Germany’s Bundeswehr is a four-axle mobile crane with a protected driver’s cab and protected crane cab. Incorporating the latest chassis and engine technology, it performs superbly in all types of terrain. A six-cylinder, 330 kW Liebherr diesel engine with maximum torque of 2,335 Nm gives the G-LTM the power it needs to get the job done.

AMAP®-MPS – Multi purpose seat

The multi purpose seat AMAP-MPS is a development to counter the increasing threat scenarios of crew members inside their vehicles during mine and IED incidents. It is an integral part of the AMAP mine protection systems for land based vehicles. The multi purpose seating system can be integrated either into new or in service vehicles as a retrofit system.

Automotive object protection - VERHA-Automotive

Our customized VERHA-Automotive asset protection system can be adapted to the individual design of automobiles and the threat level in their particular area of operation. Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection uses state-of-the-art materials such as individually coated aramid, high-performance polyethylene and combinations of different ballistic materials. Virtually invisible and without affecting performance and handling, our automotive protection systems offer levels of protection in line with the most stringent international standards. Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection develops and manufactures protective systems for special vehicles produced by major OEMs such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. We also supply ballistic protection materials to retrofitting companies.

MMPS – Mobile modular protection system

The mobile modular protection system by Rheinmetall is designed to replace sand bag positions by the use of composite material. The system is designed as a temporary check point and can be assembled in less than two hours by two soldiers. The protection level of the system is according to STANAG 4569 and protects soldiers against ballistic threats and IED’s. The system is highly mobile and can be transported on vehicles. It fills the gap between protected vehicles and body armour and allows soldiers on the ground to operate highly protected.