From sensors to effectors

Naval expertise from Rheinmetall

In recent years naval threat scenarios have undergone a complete sea change. Planners and policymakers have long since shifted their focus away from battles between massed fleets of surface combatants; instead the emphasis is on counterterrorism, piracy suppression, peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations, where the threat is almost invariably asymmetric in nature. In such scenarios, attacks can occur anywhere in the world, at anytime and on a scale that is impossible to predict; on land and at sea alike, the range of potential civil and military targets is enormous. The classic example of a terrorist operation at sea is the lethal attack on the USS Cole in October 2000, carried out by two militants in a rubber dingy.

A direct outcome of these threats, the expanded mission spectrum of today’s armed forces calls for far-reaching changes in terms of tactics, organization and equipment. Known as Force Transformation, this process seeks to make the best possible use of the existing resources of all three services by systematically optimizing the “kill chain” of reconnaissance, C4I and fires, thus enabling faster, more accurate, more effective engagement of enemy targets. This is the essence of Network Centric Warfare (NCW).

Optimum exploitation of resources results in an expanded mission spectrum for all three components of the military, including naval forces, which, in addition to their traditional tasks, now need to be able to engage targets on shore, provide air defence cover, fight terrorists at sea and protect civilian shipping from pirates.

Rheinmetall supplies a wide array of advanced systems for naval applications. Our range of naval products extends from sensors and command systems to air defence systems, naval weaponry and ammunition. Furthermore, the Rheinmetall Group supplies special systems for combating sea mines, force protection equipment and simulators for surface combatants and submarines.

Reconnaissance and sensor systems

Rheinmetall Electronics and Rheinmetall Air Defence have developed a comprehensive range of reconnaissance, sensor and visualization systems for all types of surveillance and monitoring operations, providing critical support in countless military and civilian law enforcement scenarios. Highly efficient and highly effective, they are also easy to use. The product spectrum includes the reconnaissance sensor FIRST and the modular optronic multi-sensor platform MSP 600 and SeaVision , Seastorm environment and ship data sensor system, as well as the aiming and target assignment devices of the Seaguard family.

Command and control systems

Rheinmetall Defence offers an extensive array of advanced command and control technology for operating and monitoring the sensors and weapons used in modern naval operations. Situation displays provide a complete overview of the tactical situation, depicting the full spectrum of local activity and target-tracking data. Automatic threat analysis assures an immediate overview of threats and their potential, enabling a quick, robust response.

Weapon systems and ammunition

Freedom of navigation is critical to the prosperity and security of nations all over the globe. Terrorism and piracy pose new challenges to the security of shipping, including naval vessels. Teaming state-of-the-art ammunition with superb automatic cannon technology, the Millennium antiaircraft system and the MLG light naval gun make a critical contribution to protecting surface combatants from close-range threats at sea, on land and in the air. Naval weapon systems from Rheinmetall Defence can be easily integrated into existing shipboard defence systems.

Countermine technology

Rheinmetall Defence is one of the world’s leading suppliers of special systems for neutralizing naval mines. The company’s products include a mine demolition charge with a special detonator device, anti-frogman grenades and a remotely detonated explosive cutter for destroying moored mines.

Protective systems and passive protection

Rheinmetall offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions from decoy systems to ballistic and mine protection. Rheinmetall Defence supplies the world’s navies with highly effective protection in the UV, EO, IR, laser and radar spectrums. Already in service around the globe, the company’s unique MASS naval countermeasures system reliably shields ships from attacks with sensor-guided projectiles. This fully automated decoy system is equally effective on the high seas and in littoral waters against symmetric and asymmetric threats. MASS can be installed on any surface combatant.

Simulation and training systems

Rheinmetall Defence has developed an extensive array of simulators for naval applications, including ship, sonar, countermine warfare, navigation and radar simulators. Our state-of-the-art simulators enable future naval and merchant marine officers to prepare for a career at sea, helping them to make the right decisions even in extreme situations.