Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Manufacturing from powder to components and assemblies

Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH in Unterlüss, Germany, produces customized alloys and manufactures finished components and assemblies at your request.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys such as Rheinmetall WSM offer a unique combination of properties like high density, high stiffness and good machining properties. This class of alloys is a cost effective way to combine these attributes for your application. Some of the Rheinmetall WSM alloys offer very high strength in combination with good ductility.

Diverse and most modern machining centres are at your disposal in our facility at Unterlüß. Our highly qualified employees will help you to realize complicated shapes within closest tolerances. Finished parts as well as assemblies are within our expertise.

With many years of experience in machining Tungsten Heavy Alloys we offer customized solutions for you.

Laboratories for chemical analysis, materials testing as well as SEM/EDX are ready to support product developments.

A large variety of high-end inspection tools is calibrated in our own air-conditioned calibration department and available for dimensional control.

We are ISO 9001 certified, and our quality management system satisfies highest standards.

Main features

Some properties of Tungsten Heavy Alloys:

  • high density (15.5 to 18.5 g/cc)
  • high stiffness (Young’s Modulus <= 400 GPa)
  • high strength (<= 1700 GPa)

Typical applications for Tungsten Heavy Alloys include:

  • good machining properties
  • radiation shielding/collimation (gamma and x-ray) in medical and nuclear equipment
  • balancing weights in aerospace and automotive industry
  • precision tools for machining

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