Manufacturing Center Stockach

Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH, Germany, supports the world’s armed forces with an extensive array of high-tech products and services. The company, which has belonged to the Rheinmetall Group since 1999, develops and manufactures special components for infantry applications. With some 100 staff, Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics is an important employer in Stockach, located near Lake Constance in southwest Germany. Its customers include the armed forces of Germany, its allies and other likeminded nations. Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics has a production crew of 50 employees, who have long experiences in manufacturing of electronic and electromechanical systems.

We offer:

  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Integration
  • Repair
  • Test and Calibration
  • Test of components and complete systems

Core Competences


  • Assembly of Components and Systems: Mechanic, Hydraulic, Electromechanic, Electronic
  • Assembly and Calibration: Gear, Electromechanic Assemblies

Electrics, Electronics

  • Production of Printed Circuit Boards: Equipping, Soldering, Protecting Varnishing, Ageing
  • Wiring: Soldering, Crimping, Cables, Cable Harness, Control Cabinets

Manufacturing of Laser Collimators & Modules

  • Laser transmission welding of thermoplastics
  • Platic laser welding
  • Incl. Development, Purchasing & Production

Test and Repair

  • Electric and Electromechanic Assemblies
  • Equipped PCBs
  • Cables and Cable Harness
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Generators, Power Supply Units
  • Systems

Laser Transmission Welding of Thermoplastics

In laser transmission welding of thermoplastics, the laser beam penetrates the upper, transparent joining part and is completely absorbed by the lower, dark surface. The radiation is converted into localised heat and melting takes place. The heat required to melt the transparent joining part is received from the thermal conduction of the absorbing part.

Strong welding of both parts occurs under external compression and the internal joining pressure, arising from local warming and expansion.

Nearly all thermoplastics and elastomers can be welded using laser transmission welding. High welding seam strength in the region of the base material is achieved. Dark plastics, preferably dyed with carbon, are welded with transparent ones.

Dark/dark and transparent/ transparent combinations are also possible with the aid of special pigments.

Core Competences

  • Non-contacting, flexible welding technique
  • Minimal thermal stress on the joining parts
  • Simple welding seam geometry
  • No release of particles
  • Vibration-free processing
  • Optically perfect welding seam
  • High precision
  • High strength
  • No tool wear

  • Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH

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