Products for Dismounted Soldiers

The following will provide you with a brief overview of the various products. For more detailed information, please contact the relevant subsidiary.

Laser aiming devices – Laser light modules

The laser light modules enable the exact target acquisition and marking by means of different light sources. At dusk or in complete darkness, soldiers equipped with night vision goggles can use infrared near-field illumination to illuminate their surroundings and targets. With the infrared target laser, targets can also be marked over long distances. The laser markers facilitate the intuitive use of the weapon without a visor. Since the laser light modules are equipped with special adapter systems, they can be quickly mounted on any weapon without tools.

All modules are waterproof up to 30 m and can be operated with a remote control cable.

The Vario-Ray has a tactical light, a red and IR laser target marker and an electronically focusable IR laser illuminator. Options include a SWIR laser, a green laser, a wireless remote control and a friend and foe detection interrogator (ZEFF).

Laser Aiming Devices –Laser Marker with IR Illuminator

These low profile laser marker/illuminators are specially designed for top mounting. Additionally mounted red dot visors are not obstructed. The devices feature very low weight, an integrated Picatinny mount and shock resistance for even the strongest calibers. A separate weapon lamp can be integrated with an optional Y-cable. Waterproof up to 30m.

Laser modules with laser range finder

TAC-Ray1500 is an enhancement of the standard Laser Light Module Vario-Ray LLM VR from Rheinmetall Defence. TAC-Ray1500 possesses the full Laser functionality of the Vario-Ray and includes an integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF). In addition to the standard powerful infrared illuminator, the infrared – and red or green light target marker, a dismounted soldier identification Laser interrogator (DSID) or a short wave IR-Laser target marker (SWIR) can be integrated (optional).

Fire control unit – Vingmate MR "Multi-Ray"

The fire control unit Vingmate MR is an universal aiming device for infantry weapons such as 40mm LV underslung grenade launchers like Heckler & Koch AG36, RPG-type light anti-tank weapons and similar weapons with flight paths whose projectiles follow a steeply curved trajectory. Vingmate MR includes a laser range finder, thermometer, barometer, inclinometer and tilt sensor. The lead angle is computed based on these five parameters as well as on the ballistics of the round and the weapon. Moreover the FCU has an integrated airburst programmer in order to fight targets behind defilade. Vingmate MR is suited for day and night operations and increases the first hit probability dramatically.

Weapon night sight – KN200 / KN250

KN200 and KN250 image intensifiers are add-on units that give optical day sights a night time capability. The night vision image is viewed through the eyepiece of the day sight. This allows the user to retain the same eye position, aiming reticle and magnification for both day and night use.

Day and night binocular – KDN250

The KDN250 observation binoculars are based on a unique design which provides high quality night and day vision. The two channels can be separated, allowing the night channel to be utilised on additional optical systems.

Night vision goggles – GN

The GN night vision goggles are the smallest and lightest device of this type ever produced. Their unique design combines comfort and ease of use with a high-performance night vision capability.

Dismounted soldier identification device DSID / ZEFF

The dismounted soldier identification device provides a fast and effective decision for each individual soldier for identification of friendly forces in national and multinational environment.

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