Observation and Fire Control Units

The following will provide you with a brief overview of the various products. For more detailed information, please contact the relevant subsidiary.

Vingmate FCS – advanced sight and fire control system

Vingmate is a superior sight and fire control system for crew-served weapons such as 40mm automatic grenade launchers, .50 cal. machineguns and antitank weapons. The Vingmate FCS is mounted on soft-mount cradles, assuring top performance. The weapon system can either be mounted on a vehicle or placed on a tripod for dismounted operations. It is deployable in all types of climatic and weather conditions, including snow, desert, mountain and jungle environments, and is also suitable for operations in urban terrain.

Trainer VingSim

The crew served weapons video trainer is a stand-alone training system for 40mm automatic grenade launchers and other heavy machine guns using the Vingmate fire control system.

Vingtaqs II long range – surveillance, observation and reconnaissance system

The Vingtaqs II accurately determines target coordinates at long distances from the vehicle forward observer position. A standalone system, the Vingtaqs II can be integrated at low cost into a wide variety of vehicles. The system also accommodates instrumentation for laser-designated targeting, enabling it to support forward air controller operations. Moreover, thanks to a high degree of modularity, it can be readily configured to meet individual customer requirements.

Forward oberver system – FOI 2000

The FOI 2000 forward observation system is a compact, light weight and sophisticated instrument, developed to provide precise and accurate target acquisition during day and night operations.

Target laser designator – TYR

TYR can be integrated in both hand held and vehicle mounted sensor systems, such as FOI2000, Vingtaqs II and weapon stations.

Laser Target Designators – HPLT

The HPLT modules have been developed for using as infrared and visible target designators on surveillance platforms or sensor systems. Due to the sturdy housing, they can be fully exposed to the environment and the compact dimensions require only minimal space. The laser beam is fully adjustable in elevation and horizontal axis. A click lock system secures the laser beam mechanically in its position even under shock and vibration.

Mounted Laser Device – JULA+ Adjustable Laser

The battery powered version of the JULA+ laser is designed especially as an ideal addition to other targeting devices such as red dot sights, optical scopes and similar. The laser has an integrated X and Y axis adjustment with which the beam can be set within a maximal deviation of 0.12 mrad.

Infrared LED-Headlight/Illumination Systems

The infrared headlights are suitable for retrofit on all kinds of vehicles or for the infrared illumination of objects and/or areas. The infrared LEDs are arranged as groups to illuminate the driving lane and to provide a wide beam. The protective filter reduces the signature of the remaining light (red glow) of the infrared LEDs to avoid detection by a distance of more than 20 meters. For using night vision equipment or suitable infrared camera equipment is necessary.

Target locator – LP10

The LP10 Target Locator is a compact, lightweight and sophisticated instrument, developed to provide precise and accurate target acquisition during day and night operations.

Vingfire – The ultimate fire control system

Vingfire is the answer to a requirement for a small and low weight sight for use on grenade launchers and 12,7mm machine guns.

Fire control unit – LAZ 200/400

The compact FCU LAZ 200/400 for the RCWS FLW 100/200 comprises a thermal imager with three fields of view (non-cooled or cooled), a high resolution CCD daylight camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder.

Periscope Peri-Z17

The Periscope Peri-Z17 compact FCU for small calibre weapons includes image intensifier or IR-camera (3-5μm) with high resolution and long detection and identification range, dual field of view daysight optics as well as an eyesafe laser range finder.

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