Safe Firing Device

The SFD is a monitoring system for the MLRS launcher, which increases the safety of test firing on proving grounds. It can easily be attached to a MLRS launcher. It monitors azimuth and elevation of the launcher loader module during rocket firing.

The SFD stops rocket firing as soon as the attitude of the MLRS launcher loader module is outside a given tolerance. This way malfunctions of the autonomous targeting and fire control system can be avoided. Using the SFD even strict safety requirements of a proving ground can be kept.

The SFD is operated from the cabin of the launcher. The system can easily be attached to the launcher without special tools and without leaving any modifications on the launcher. The usual firing procedure of the MLRS launcher is not affected by the SFD.

Main features

  • Monitoring of targeting and direction of the MLRS launcher loader module using GPS
  • Increasing safety for test firing on proving grounds

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