Precision Sensor Platform HHPP

The compact highly mobile, high-dynamic precision sensor platform is a sensor carrier for measuring technique – also provided by the customer – for diverse ranges of operation and application. Designed for mobile operation, it can be put into action both under arid and subarctic climate conditions.

Main features

  • Quick and easy to set up and put into operation (support and levelling)
  • Transportable on a single-axis army trailer, 1.5 t
  • Air portable with Transall C160, helicopter CH53 and with cable car system
  • Manual control with joystick
  • External control with: Skyguard II, MVS, MPS-36 und KTH-centre
  • Optional: auto-video-tracking, star-check/calibration or remote control (long distance)
  • Reproducible positioning accuracy 0.1 mrad (stationary, during approach of fixed position)

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