Persistent Surveillance System – PSS

Turnkey surveillance solutions to protection critical assets

The protection of critical assets from hostile actions requires the use of persistent surveillance to provide sufficient time for resources to react.

Rheinmetall's Persistent Surveillance System (PSS) provides a wide-area, long range observation capability for the detection, identification, and monitoring of potential threats against military installations and other critical infrastructure, such as forward operating bases, forward operating positions, petroleum facilities and power generation stations.

The PSS comprises the Persistent Surveillance Aerostat (PSA) and the Persistent Surveillance Tower (PST). The PSA is an aerostat with a stabilized electro-optical sensor operating at 300 m above ground and the PST has a stabilized electro-optical sensor and an optional radar installed on a 32 m trailer-mounted tower. Using the SC2PS application, all sensors can be operated from one control shelter where sensor data is displayed and exploited.

The PSS has a proven record, being in service for the Canadian Forces' Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan, the Winter Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver, and the G8 and G20 summits 2010 in Canada.

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