LDU – Laser Detection Unit

A Laser Warning System (LWS) has the task of a 360° surveillance of the vicinity of vehicles of all types. It uses sensors to do this, the Laser Detection Units (LDU).

How it works: With most modern weapon systems, before the enemy fires a round or a missile, a laser beam illuminates the target. The LDU detects lasers operating in the 800nm – 1700nm wavelength IR spectrum. Both single pulses and pulse trains are detected and their PRF is evaluated. When issuing an alarm message with the direction of the threat, the LWS also tries to identify the type of the threat.
The vehicle commander can then react to the threat by instantly launching a smoke/obscurant cartridge, for instance, or by moving out of the danger zone.

The LDUs are segmented in two 180° units, so when mounted on opposite sides of a vehicle roof, there is a true 360° coverage without blind spots due to roof-mounted weapon stations, etc.

Main features:

  • Installation in vehicles of all categories possible
  • Compensation of vehicle movements by position sensors
  • Compact and robust system design

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