ASLS – Acoustic shooter locating system

The compact Shooter Locating System consists of a powerful acoustic sensor with integrated analysis electronics and a compact control and display unit. The sensor, designed for 360-degree coverage, has eight specialized microphones that measure the acoustic fingerprint of discharged weapons.

Main Features

  • Can be integrated into vehicles of all types
  • Wireless communication with control and display unit assures easy installation
  • Position sensors compensate for vehicle movement
  • Compact, robust system design with built-in signal processing and battery pack
  • Low weight and low power consumption
  • Full coverage of complete azimuth and elevation
  • Automatic, instantaneous alarm function (acoustical/visual)
  • Precise identification of the shooter’s position is assured even with noise in the vicinity of the vehicle
  • Extensive detection range for loud artillery shells and quieter muzzle blasts
  • Low false alarm rate even in urban environments
  • Recording and display of previous events
  • Intuitive operation following brief familiarization


  • Use of georeferenced information in C4I-systems owing to integrated GPS
  • Automatic activation of sensors and weapon stations (e.g. FLW200)