Information Superiority in Military Operations

Rheinmetall Command and Control Systems

Long years of experience in the design, customization and integration of command and control systems have made Rheinmetall a world leader in the battle management business, with software and hardware solutions for every echelon from brigade headquarters to the individual soldier on the ground.

We assist and advise customers in defining their needs, and then provide them with made-to-measure system solutions, quality-assured project management, training and in-service support.

As a leading systems supplier we offer customers fully integrated, individualized solutions, backed up by complete lifecycle support. We also integrate and connect legacy systems if required.

A multitude of successful reference projects, current customer programmes and active competition for the best technology for future programmes: all of these things make Rheinmetall a trusted partner around the globe.

Knowledge accumulated during decades of software and hardware design, teamed with longstanding experience in system integration in existing vehicles and environments and strict adherence to the meticulous standards of German engineering, mean that Rheinmetall is able to offer customers the world’s finest C4I solutions.

Based on the Multilateral Interoperability Programme, Rheinmetall software conforms to international standards, ensuring optimum interoperability with other nations' forces, and eliminating the problems normally associated with proprietary systems.

Tried and tested in training and combat worldwide, our hardware adheres to the highest MIL-Spec standards.


Made by Rheinmetall, INIOCHOS is a state-of-the-art family of software products based on proven technology.

It is available as a command post system for battalion and brigade level (INIOCHOS C), a vehicle command & control system (INIOCHOS V), as well as a configuration for light and mechanised infantry, the INIOCHOS S, standing for "dismounted soldier system".

All of the products reflect the tremendous experience gained during years of development work carried out in close cooperation with our customers. The products are customised and fully integrated into the customer's command and control environment. At Rheinmetall, in-depth consultation concerning the analysis process and the development of customer-related adaptation are standard operating procedure whenever our systems are integrated into a country's armed forces.

Relying entirely on MIP standards, the system assures a high level of interoperability with all modern data exchange mechanisms and data models.

The age of proprietary systems is over; we are totally committed to assuring interoperability with other systems.

Advantages of Rheinmetall command and control systems

  • Integrated system architecture of command and control systems from the individual soldier to brigade level
  • Conform to Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP) norms and international standards
  • Open interfaces make them future-proof and modularly expandable
  • Open, continuous concept for handling and communications
  • Flexible, configurable and adaptable to customer preferences
  • Hardware-independent software
  • Can be linked to nearly any communication environment
  • Fielded and approved by various customers; tried and tested on a variety of platforms


Our C4I software needs hardware to run on. Tailored to the customer-defined use, the required hardware configuration also depends on the specific level of command. Military off-the-shelf (MOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware is by nature cheaper than fully hardened military hardware; for use in a tracked or wheeled armoured vehicle environment, only militarised and hardened hardware can meet customer needs.

We specialise in providing such hardware, which we can integrate into virtually any vehicle or weapon platform sensor, and can also provide advice and assistance in selecting MOTS and COTS hardware.

  • Our own hardened hardware for use in tracked vehicles and tough operating environment
  • Use of COTS / MOTS platform for convenient, robust solutions

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