Stationary Air Defence

Critical asset protection

Capable of bringing down fast, small targets, these systems are used as inner tier of layered air defence of vital points and critical military infrastructure. Air surveillance and tracking radars round off the portfolio.

Oerlikon Skyguard® 3 – Air Defence System

Third generation of the legendary Skyguard Air Defence product line.

  • Optimized for inner tier and vital asset protection
  • Skyguard 3 fire control unit
  • Connecting up to 4 effectors
    – Oerlikon Twin Gun GDF007
    – VSHORAD missile launchers
    – Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk2 Towed
  • Ahead technology

Oerlikon Skyshield® – Air Defence System

All-weather short-range air defence system for protecting high-value assets.

  • Unmanned search and tracking sensor unit
  • Command post
  • Unmanned guns
  • Integration of VSHORAD missile launchers
  • Ahead technology
  • Palletized or mounted on trucks

Oerlikon X-TAR3D – Search Radar family

X-TAR3D is a three-dimensional tactical acquisition radar working in X-band and performing the functions of short range search, detection, acquisition, tracking, classification and identification of air targets, in order to supply a three-dimensional local air picture to command and control network as well as track and threat data for cueing of fire control systems. X-TAR3D is specifically designed to achieve high performance against a wide range of air threats, from conventional air breathing targets (fixed wing, helicopters) to low and very low cross section objects like stealth and unmanned targets (UAV, cruise missiles), up to rockets and mortar rounds (C-RAM mission).

X-TAR3D is a fully coherent phased-array pulse Doppler radar. Elevation information is obtained through up to 12 simultaneously receiving stacked beams, which allows to scan the full search volume in a single antenna revolution (1.5sec). The radar architecture is based on multiple transmitter and receiver modules that assure high reliability and graceful degradation. The full radar electronics is integrated inside the antenna unit and data interface with other units (IFF, MMI etc.) is through Ethernet channel. The compact design and the reduced weight allow an easy installation on board of light vehicles or integration in highly mobile command and coordination posts. While retaining an excellent altitude coverage, X-TAR3D is specifically designed to detect and track targets flying at very low altitudes.

  • Modular design concept
  • Suitable for ground-based and ship-borne applications
  • Fully coherent phased-array pulse Doppler radar
  • 16 simultaneously receiving stacked beams
  • Digital beam forming
  • 25, 35 and 55 km instrumented range

DEB-RA® – Foreign Object Debris (FOD) – Detection Radar System

Rheinmetall Italia's DEB-RA system combines a high resolution Debris Radar® with an advanced day/night camera. It has been designed for airport automatic foreign object debris (FOD) detection and classifi cation and in addition is also suitable for airport surface traffic management (SMGCS) and security (anti intrusion).

DEB-RA 95 GHz radar provides a continuous investigation of the airport surface and automatically detects and localize steady or moving objects on the ground. The use of millimetre wavelength, with its excellent angular discrimination (despite a small size antenna) and the very short transmitted pulse (20 ns) provide detection of both metallic and dielectric objects on the airport surface with extremely high accuracy and resolution.

The associated day/night camera allows the operator to promptly classify the detected object, in order to assess the relevant risk for airport operations (based on FOD nature and location) and to decide the correct measures to be taken.

  • FOD application
  • Surface movements monitoring application
  • Day/night camera
  • 95 GHz radar
  • Two configurations: single channel and double channel for uninterrupted operations, depending on user requirements
  • Operated as stand-alone system or remotely

Oerlikon MANPAD Cueing System

Gives MANPAD systems a command and control capability.

  • Situational awareness for MANPAD teams
  • Shorter reaction time
  • Local sensor, can be integrated in network
  • Easy integration into missile launcher system
  • FIRST IR or X-TAR 3D radar sensor