Drone Defence Toolbox

Protection for civilian infrastructure

Sales of civil drones are on a constant rise. Over 10 million drones were sold for civil applications in 2016 alone. Predictions suggest a remarkable trend with sales reaching six times more deliveries by 2021. Possibilities to use such a cheap system with bad intent, to smuggle contraband into prisons, spy on competitors, misuse it for a terroristic attack or simply disturb air traffic on a major airport out of carelessness of the user seem to be endless. Therefore, Rheinmetall Air Defence, building the center of competence for drone defence, offers a modular toolbox which contains a possible solution for all budget sizes to counter this rising threat.

Military and civil threat scenarios continuously merge into one another and are especially in drone defence valid for both. Rheinmetall with its long history of military very short and short range air defence solutions offers various counter measurements according to a simple, modular scheme of competences “Sense – Decide – Act”.


FIRST – Fast InfraRed Search & Track

FIRST is an infra-red search and track sensor which ensures permanent reconnaissance of the surrounding area.

  • Network capability
  • Fast and fully automatic detection of objects and forms of life in the air and on the ground
  • Easy to transport because of compact design and light weight construction
  • *TRL 9

MSP600 – Optronic Multi Sensor Platform

The MSP600 is a stabilized platform with thermal- and TV cameras, laser range finder and video tracking.

  • Network capability
  • High definition camera with optical zoom for easy identification
  • Target handover from external sensors
  • Automated target recognition
  • Fire control and target designation for counter measures
  • Currently in use by several NATO members
  • *TRL 9

Universal Multispectral Information and Tracking UMIT

The UMIT is a mission approved system for air space surveillance. It utilizes different sensors and is amongst other things capable to detect small drones.

  • Detects small drones
  • High mobility
  • Mission approved
  • *TRL 9

Mobile Eagle Eye System MEES

The MEES is a mission approved air space and ground surveillance system. It combines the two operational components FIRST and MSP 600 and features its own mobile command post.

  • Detection of all live forms, flying objects and vehicles
  • High mobility
  • Mission approved
  • *TRL 9


Oerlikon Skymaster® Command & Control System

  • Made-to-measure solutions
  • Tactical and operational air defence networks
  • Multi-spectrum sensor netting solutions
  • Force multiplier at all command echelons
  • Increased effectiveness
  • *TRL 8

Rheinmetall Command and Control Software

Rheinmetall Command and Control Software (RC2S) enhances the decision making process by filtering, correlating and processing data from all sensors, providing the operator with one comprehensive and common operating picture. Features such as automatic threat detection, sensor slewing and target tracking have also proven to be key enablers for quick reactions and optimum decision making to counter the threat.

  • Automated alarm and surveillance patterns
  • Advanced sensor imagery analysis
  • Data fusion from multiple sensors
  • Seamless integration of legacy and new sensors
  • One-step contact report generator
  • Mission planning & analysis
  • Video recording and archiving
  • In use by the Canadian Army since 2009
  • *TRL 9

Remote Tower

Remote Tower is an air traffic control center for air fields in remote locations. By combining miscellaneous networked sensors with Rheinmetalls state of the art algorithms it provides the air traffic controller a better situational awareness whilst operating in the safety of mission suitable infrastructure. The fully automatic alarms generated by the algorithms, reaction times are minimized thus airfield and air traffic safety reach a new level.

  • Data processing and display of all relevant sensors
  • Centralized control center for remote air fields
  • Higher efficiency
  • *TRL 6



The Rheinmetall RF-Jammer is a multichannel, programmable high frequency emitter. The frequencies, antennas and performance can be adjusted to the specific threat environment in order to suppress all common communication frequencies used by drones or even mobile communications. The excellent signal strength of the emitter allows interoperationality with existing transmission systems and is therefore ideal for public and governmental frequency regulation.

  • Modular set-up
  • Adjustable transmitting power and antenna gain to the specific threat scenario in range and expanse
  • Low maintenance semiconductor based, programmable high frequency emitter
  • Future-proof through expandable frequency possibility
  • *TRL 7-8

High Power Electromagnetics HPEM

The HPEM effector is based on a highly repetitive, semiconductor based impulse generator with a transmitting power in the GW-band. The extremely short pulse durations are emitted through a broad band antenna. This impulse causes drones to abruptly lose control and crash.

  • Modular set-up
  • Low maintenance semiconductor impulse generator
  • High directive efficiency
  • Synchronization of several decentralized effectors
  • *TRL 7-8

High Energy Laser HEL

The HEL effector by Rheinmetall is able to focus the power output of one or several laser modules on one spot on the target, burning its way through the electronic parts and other components and causes the drone to lose control and crash.

  • Automated target acquisition and tracking
  • Scalable lethality
  • *TRL 6

Systems for drone defence – qualified arms for air defence (QAFAD)

The threat by drones gets in the focus more and more by the current time. The scenario does not matter. Either by reconnaissance or lethal threat in military area or the temporary shut down of airports in civil areas. Rheinmetall Electronics has the system solution for counter UAS. It consists of specially designed sensors and effectors. With high end technologies the system is capable of detecting, tracking and defeating even the smallest micro UAV. It can be deployed stationary or on vehicels. Interfaces to other command and control systems allow the reception or transmission of data.

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*The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a scale to assess the development stages which was introduced in 1988 by NASA and is nowadays considered a standard scale in development of future technologies.

TRL 1. basic principles observed
TRL 2. technology concept formulated
TRL 3. experimental proof of concept
TRL 4. technology validated in lab
TRL 5. technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6. technology demonstrated in relevant environment
TRL 7. system prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8. system complete and qualified
TRL 9. actual system proven in operational environment

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