Data privacy information for the Rheinmetall Group application process

Information and declaration of consent for the collection, processing and use of your personal data during the Rheinmetall recruiting process (short version)

The protection of your personal data and compliance with applicable data protection regulations are important to us. Please note the following information about the processing of your personal data as part of your application and participation in the Rheinmetall recruiting process. We will then ask you to read the following privacy policy, depending on your choices regarding the provision of your personal information.

We process your personal data in the following cases:

1. We cannot accept applications that are mailed to us and will destroy them in compliance with data protection laws

2. When you provide us with the data through the applicant management system on our Rheinmetall Careers pages

3. When you provide us with the data for a talent loyalty program (e.g., when being entered into our talent pool)

4. When you update your application

Exception: If you are unable to operate the application management system for health reasons, you can request information on the application options from Rheinmetall by emailing us at:

By submitting an application containing your personal data, Rheinmetall employees involved in the recruiting process will have access to your data within the boundaries you have set. Your personal data is accessible to the respective HR managers within the Rheinmetall Group and is made available to selected executives in individual cases. It may also be accessed by executives of other Rheinmetall Group companies within the scope of technical supervision. Technical supervision means that specific topics (such as compliance, corporate security, labor law, recruiting centers, etc.) are grouped together group-wide under one unified management for the entire group. It is therefore possible that, depending on the job advertised, you may be employed by one company, but your manager is employed by another company.

Depending on your specifications, your application data may also be considered for further vacancies in the Rheinmetall Group in addition to the job you applied for.

If we would like to consider your application for the recruitment process of another job, we will contact you and obtain your written consent via e-mail. We will not forward your application documents until we have your consent.

If the purpose or method of processing your personal data significantly changes, we will update this information in good time and inform you of any changes.

Version 1.2, Düsseldorf, dated 4 April 2019

( Here you will find the complete version of the data privacy information for applicants.)