15 Feb 2010

Fly-K mortar systems – excellent stealth capabilities and tremendous tactical potential

The Fly-K mortar and Fly-K mobile protection module provide mechanized elements and dismounted troops with a low-cost, low-maintenance indirect fire capability, simultaneously boosting morale and combat effectiveness. The revolutionary Fly-K propulsion system makes it the perfect weapon system for operations where stealth is at a premium. Practically silent, there is no smoke, flash, thermal or olfactory signature to reveal the firer's position.

Fly-K is already in service with the armed forces of France and the United Arab Emirates.

Compared with other mortars, Fly-K systems are extremely quiet to fire, producing an acoustic signature of less than 52 dB at a distance of 100 metres. Moreover, since there is no thermal exchange between the ammunition and the weapon, the user can fire as many rounds in rapid succession as the tactical situation requires.

Ease of use, extreme stealth and an extensive range of lethal and non-lethal ammunition make Fly-K the most effective and flexible mortar system for mobile infantry units now in service.

Fly-K mortar

The Fly-K mortar provides sections and platoons with an organic indirect fire capability. This rugged, lightweight weapon is easy to operate and fast to deploy, making it ideal for dismounted infantry, mobile combat teams, airborne troops and special operations forces operating behind enemy lines.

The system can also be employed in direct fire mode, even at downward angles of fire. Moreover, it can be carried when loaded, resulting in heightened readiness. Even when the user is running or jumping through rough terrain, the round cannot fall out of the weapon. Double loading is impossible.

Highly accurate, the Fly-K mortar gives users the tactical edge no matter what the mission. Logistics and maintenance are extremely simple, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. Soldiers can be trained to use the weapon safely and accurately in very short order.

Fly-K mobile protection module

The modular firing platform can fire up to twelve rounds at a very high rate of fire, attaining ranges of between 200 and 800 meters. Equipped with a base plate, the Fly-K MPM can be easily mounted on any mobile platform or fixed to the ground.

When mounted on a mobile platform the MPM significantly enhances offensive and defensive capabilities. Even in rough off-road terrain, the Fly-K MPM can carry loaded rounds while moving to a firing position.

In a stand-alone version, the twelve-spigot launcher can cover an area of up to 12,600 square meters, making it perfect for protecting military installations, coastlines, borders and sensitive infrastructure.

Different types of ammunition can be fired in a single salvo. The system is fired by wire, rendering it immune from jamming. It can be readily integrated into legacy systems as well as into future programmes. The Fly-K MPM is the perfect solution to a wide variety of contemporary military challenges.

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