Videos – Weapons and ammunition

Rheinmetall offers an extensive array of large- and medium-calibre weapons and ammunition. The main armament of the Leopard 2 – the world's most effective tank –, the PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer system, and an innovative new generation of enhanced range ammunition are just a few of the cutting edge products made by Rheinmetall. In the ammunition sector, the spectrum ranges from electronically programmable medium calibre rounds to special search fuse ammunition for artillery. In addition, Rheinmetall specializes in propellants, including propelling charges for artillery and mortar rounds, propelling powders, and combustible cast parts.

130 mm MBT gun

Rheinmetall’s 130 mm smoothbore technology for main battle tanks (MBT) embodies a significant lethality leap in times of more sophisticated protection systems and increasing threats. Combined with a state-of-the-art auto-loader, this system is the latest evolvement in Rheinmetall’s, MBT Advanced Technologies competence. Future tanknology for the win.

MLG 27 – Naval Multirole Gun System

MLG27 Naval Light Gun Sensor and Weapon Simulator

Reload Swiss - High-performance reload powders

Rheinmetall Land Forces Symposium 2016

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