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Rheinmetall is a leading supplier of soldier systems and expert partner for network-enabled operations. A modular design ensures operational flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations and mission requirements. The solutions include the Future Soldier – Extended System (IdZ-ES) used by the German Bundeswehr, the advanced Gladius as well as Argus which is in use with the Canadian armed forces.

All of these systems bring individual infantry soldiers, combat vehicles and unmanned systems into the tactical sensor-to-shooter network. Higher echelon command elements can also be included. The common operational picture forms the basis for faster, better-informed decision-making at all levels, a key factor in gaining and maintaining the initiative.

Rheinmetall Argus – An outstanding soldier system for improved situational awareness

Rheinmetall Argus is a modular soldier system allowing the troops to communicate more effectively on all levels of command, while ensuring that soldiers maintain their operational capabilities at peak level. Argus soldier system enables warfighters to operate in the most challenging operational theatres by providing constantly updated situational awareness where and when it is needed. Easy to learn and equally easy to use, Argus features a highly intuitive user interface to deliver operational simplicity and remarkable efficiency for troops on the battlefield. Engineered by soldiers and for soldiers, Argus exclusively revolves around the needs of military forces worldwide.

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