Videos – Simulation and Training

Simulators spare real-world equipment from wear-and-tear and exposure to the elements, as well as enabling training in extreme situations that would be virtually impossible to practise in the field. Moreover, they can be used under all weather conditions and around the clock. Simulators lend themselves extremely well to ground, air and naval forces as well as civil sector users, recreating a realistic environment for training individual operators and crews. Moreover, they can be used to train entire units in tactical operations to prepare troops for out-of-area peace enforcement missions.

Combat and Gunnery Skills Trainer - CGST

Driver Training Simulator Leopard 2 – DTS

Legatus Live Training

Flight simulation at Rheinmetall

Loadmastertraining for the A400M

MLG27 Naval Light Gun Sensor and Weapon Simulator

Naval Damage Control Trainer

Bridge and Navigation Training

E-Learning Solutions - Firefighting

Oil and Gas Training and Simulation Solutions

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