Videos – Military Trucks

Modern armies fulfil various roles and have very different demands. Ranging from mission support in the battle area to logistical tasks in the homeland. Rheinmetall offers a range of trucks that suit all the needs of our customers and helps them to accomplish their missions, wherever and whatever they may be.

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH – complete solutions for military wheeled vehicles

HX family – High Mobility Truck System

High Mobility Truck System – HX 10x10 and HX 8x8

Mammut HX 8x8

Rheinmetall MAN Militarised Truck Excellence – TG-Mil

ALHS 17 – Rheinmetall and Supashock present Automated Load Handling System at Eurosatory 2018

First deliveries of the HX to the Commonwealth of Australia

Rheinmetall MAN’s Vehicle Integration Facility at Penske Commercial Vehicles, in Brisbane, Australia

"JP" and the high altitude challenge

PS professional Jean Pierre Kraemer, well known from the German TV series "PS-Profis", meets Matthias Jeschke, who with his two Rheinmetall MAN trucks wants to beat the altitude record for vehicles in South America. For the high altitude world record attempt two HX trucks are taking the challenge, a Brit and an Australian: The HX 4x4 comes from current series production for the company's Australian client and the larger HX 6x6 is a prototype for a major British purchase which was completed in 2013.

Rheinmetall High Altitude Truck Expedition – The HX trucks

Two Rheinmetall MAN HX trucks are aiming to break a maximum altitude record for vehicles by climbing to an altitude of 6,690 or more metres. The objective is to reach the crater edge on the Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world at 6,890 m. Based on the Rheinmetall MAN series, a few sections of the vehicles are equipped with special parts which are essential to handle the altitude, extreme environmental conditions and steeply inclined volcano slope with a largely cobbled surface.

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