Rheinmetall at DSEI 2017

12 to 15 September 2017 in London

The Rheinmetall Group’s Defence sector is regarded in the defence and security industry as a leading provider of innovative products for German and international armed forces. Rheinmetall Defence offers system and partial system solutions and a wide range of services for capability in the areas of mobility, reconnaissance, management, effectiveness and protection.

The DSEI defence show takes place in London from 12 to 15 September 2017, one of the most important defence and security exhibitions worldwide. Rheinmetall will be showcasing a wide assortment of high-tech solutions for the best possible protection of the armed forces.

Force protection is our mission

Make sure to visit us at DSEI 2017 – Hall 7 / Booth S7-110


On more than 600 square metres Rheinmetall Defence will be presenting its innovative product range to international trade visitors. This year's highlights are the HX77 of the family of high-mobility logistic vehicles, the Boxer 8x8 vehicle, land- and seabased weapon systems, reconnaissance and air defence systems, scalable soldier systems, protection systems as well as simulation and training solutions.

Boxer 8x8 Vehicle*

The diverse spectrum of challenges within the concept of the Three-Block-War of high-intense combat actions, peace keeping missions and humanitarian relief operations demands a versatile military vehicle. Within the major threat situations of today’s world, it must also provide superior capabilities in classical face-to-face situations. BOXER, with its unique modularity, offers the highest flexibility to fulfil this wide spectrum of diverse mission requirements with survivability and the highest reliability and growth potential – today and in the future.

Boxer UK for MIV

With British DNA, proven combat experience, and exceptional protection levels, the Boxer 8x8 offered by ARTEC is the smart choice for the UK's Mechanised Infantry Vehicle programme.

*Joint program

Vingtaqs II Target Acquisition System

The Vingtaqs system is to be used for accurately determine target coordinates at long range distance from the vehicle forward observer position or static positions. Vingtaqs also accommodates instrumentation to laser designate targets in the role of Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC). The Vingtaqs is a stand-alone system that for low cost can be integrated in a wide range of vehicles or various static positions.

TacNet Command and Weapon Engagement System

TacNet is Rheinmetall’s command and weapon engagement system. Designed to meet the requirements of high-mobility warfare at the tactical level, TacNet delivers command & control (C2) superiority, assuring that commanders always have the initiative. TacNet was developed based on decades of experience in command and weapon engagement systems.

Detect – Connect – React


PanoView is the next generation of situational awareness in armoured fighting vehicles. It merges modern sensor technology with virtual reality to create a real-time panoramic view of the vehicle’s surroundings. With technical innovations and many unique features PanoView takes you one step ahead on the battlefield.

MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator

The MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator is deployable for all kind of missions and outstandingly superior in firepower, protection and mobility. It is designed to fulfil all tasks in all thinkable scenarios of modern warfare: high intensity conflicts, peace keeping missions and counterinsurgency/ -terrorism operations, at all climate conditions and is fully night fighting capable.

Oerlikon Seaguard® Biax naval tracking and fire control system

The Oerlikon Seaguard Biax is a versatile and highly effective naval tracking system. It is a 2-axis multi-purpose tracker suitable for all weather conditions equipped with the latest radar technology to counter the diverse range of above water symmetric and asymmetric threats that exist today including highly-agile anti-ship missiles.

Soldier Systems

From individual components to integrated systems based on operational requirements and doctrines, Rheinmetall offers flexible and scalable technology, a wide variety of command and control and display solutions, different levels of integration as well as variable vehicle integration, including Rheinmetall or third-party hardware and software.

The Rheinmetall soldier systems improve performance in all capability areas without overburdening the individual rifleman. The system is modular, resulting in reduced volume, weight and power consumption. This ensures greater operational flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and mission requirements.

  • Gladius – extended system
  • ARGUS soldier system

Vingmate FCS – advanced sight and fire control system

Vingmate is a superior sight and fire control system for crew-served weapons such as 40mm automatic grenade launchers, .50 cal. machineguns and antitank weapons. The Vingmate FCS is mounted on soft-mount cradles, assuring top performance. The weapon system can either be mounted on a vehicle or placed on a tripod for dismounted operations. It is deployable in all types of climatic and weather conditions, including snow, desert, mountain and jungle environments, and is also suitable for operations in urban terrain.

ASLS-S Acoustic Shooter-Localization-System

The ASLS-S (Soldier version) is a reconnaissance system to detect and locate threats by enemy shooters. When being engaged by enemy fire, the user will be given an immediate acoustic alarm, e.g. “Shot, 9 o’clock, 200m”. The enemy’s direction, together with additional information, will be indicated optionally on a display. ASLS-S is to be operated with high reliability under any combat situation. The exceptional performance has been proven under changing environmental conditions and scenarios.

Laser aiming devices – Laser light modules

Designed for rifles and pistols, the laser light modules use various light sources for detecting and marking targets. At twilight or under conditions of complete darkness, soldiers equipped with night vision goggles can use infrared near-field radiance to illuminate their surroundings and targets. The infrared target laser can also mark targets at long ranges. The laser target marking devices facilitate firing without aiming – i.e. shooting from the hip. The laser light modules feature a special adapter and can thus be easily mounted without tools.

Multimission UGV – P

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Solution for Force Protection

Developed by Rheinmetall, the Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MMUGV) for force protection is specifically designed for perimeter protection, escorting, and target location, acquisition, and engagement tasks. Capable of performing in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, the MMUGV provides safety and security to the mounted and dismounted forces, increases their operational effectiveness, and keeps them out of harm’s way.

RS556 – Modular multipurpose rifle

Developed in cooperation with Steyr Mannlicher, Rheinmetall now offers the RS556, a modular, multipurpose 5.56mm x 45 cal. assault rifle. This gas-operated weapon features an adjustable short-stroke gas piston system and rotating bolt. A special breech system with an emergency operation feature ensures that the weapon always functions reliably even in extreme operating conditions, e.g. in severely hot and cold environments.

The adjustable-length plastic stock clicks into seven different positions, meaning that personnel can adjust the RS556 to match their individual equipment profile in optimum fashion. The RS556 features several standard and optional NATO accessory rails, meaning that it can be fitted with various optics and night observation devices or laser light modules.

Multimission UGV – S

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Solution for Surveillance

Developed by Rheinmetall, the Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MMUGV) for surveillance is specifically designed for perimeter observation, reconnaissance, and scout tasks. Capable of performing in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, the MMUGV provides safety and security to the mounted and dismounted forces, increases their operational effectiveness, and keeps them out of harm’s way.

SeaSnake-27 - Naval Multirole Gun System

The SeaSnake-27 is a new system development as successor of the world wide acknowledged MLG 27 system. SeaSnake is an optimized naval gun system for layered ship self defence against a variety of standard or asymmetric threats with an optimum combat range inside of 4,000m.

Oerlikon Millennium® Gun

Today’s contemporary and complex operational scenarios demand that ship’s short range defence systems are capable of combatting a wide variety of threats–most with unique and difficult characteristics and attack profiles. The Oerlikon Millennium® Gun delivers a true multi-role anti-surface and anti-air defensive capability.

Protection Systems

Rheinmetall is specialized in developing and producing high-quality components and innovative systems for protecting people, vehicles, aircraft, ships and installations and offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions coupled with soft-kill systems.

Demonstrator CV90

  • ADS Active Defence System
  • Rosy_L – Rapid Obscuring System
  • Rosy_Mod – single launcher module version
  • Passive protection: Add-on armour, liner systems, SC/KE protection, blast protection, mine protection
  • Multi-purpose seat
  • Protected MAN door

Armoured Rescue Crane G-BKF (model)

Plate carrier police

Insert plates

Reling protection

MASS - Multi Ammunition Softkill System

Omni-spectral naval protection

The automatic decoy system MASS provides a unique level of protection against modern sensor-guided missiles. MASS can be installed on ships of all types and can be integrated into existing command systems. The MASS_ISS features built-in sensors for detecting radar and laser threats, including mmW-capability.

New developments include e.g. MASS Supersaturated Chaff, an Offboard Corner Reflector for signature improvement, and an Anti-Torpedo upgrade kit.


The LEGATUS® system is a family of modular live training systems and is Rheinmetall's unrivalled high tech approach to prepare your troops for the unforeseen in combat. With the Rheinmetall LEGATUS® system you will be able to provide immediate feedback on trainees' skills and tactical behavior.

The modular and is easily scalable concept allows for realistic live training in all scenarios from individual up to and beyond reinforced brigade level including all combat supporting elements.

Infantry Ammunition

Rheinmetall offers a broad range of 40mm ammunition, grenades and pyrotechnical products for a wide variety of different missions. The product portfolio includes a full array of 40mm low, medium and high velocity ammunition, accompanied by a wide selection of pyrotechnical devices for signalling and illumination. Train as you fight: even in peacetime and in safe, secure environments, it is necessary to train and prepare war and other contingencies, which is why we offer practice versions of all of our products.

Large and Medium Calibre Ammunition

Rheinmetall offers an extensive array of large- and medium-calibre weapons and ammunition. In the ammunition sector, the spectrum ranges from electronically programmable medium calibre rounds to special search fuse ammunition for artillery.

In addition, Rheinmetall specializes in propellants, including propelling charges for artillery and mortar rounds, propelling powders, and combustible cast parts.

The main armament of the Leopard 2 – the world's most effective tank –, the PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer system, and an innovative new generation of enhanced range ammunition are just a few of the cutting edge products made by Rheinmetall, which enjoys a global reputation as one of the world's most efficient and innovative suppliers of systems and equipment for ground forces.

Surveillance Solutions

The protection of people and critical assets from hostile actions requires the use of high-performance surveillance and security systems. Rheinmetall has developed a family of sensor and visual systems for every conceivable application associated with military and civil reconnaissance and surveillance, meeting the relevant demands for ease of operation and high effectiveness. Turnkey solutions include:

  • Wide and long-range surveillance
  • Threat detection and identification
  • Integrated control room
  • Full integration of all types of sensors
  • 24/7 after-sales support

On display with new interactive application.

Qimek Weapon Station

The Qimek weapon station features full stabilisation, super elevation, long range day/night all-weather sights, and the capability to integrate NATO and non-NATO weapons. These technical attributes bring the protection of armoured vehicles to a new level.


The HX77 is a versatile all-wheel-drive truck, custom-developed for tough logistics challenges in military service. Building on MAN’s TG series, this all-rounder combines the reliability of tested, mass-produced components with state-of-the-art innovative engineering, making it one of the most economical military off- the shelf vehicles. The HX77 can be provided with a modular or integrated armoured cabin and a weapon station.


HEROLD consist of FIRST and MSP600 and is an integrated air/surface surveillance, target tracking and fire control system suitable for stationary deployment and/or installation in vehicles. Herold combined key capabilities enable the operator to constantly generate and maintain the optimum situational awareness.

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Force protection is our mission

Make sure to visit us at DSEI 2017 – Hall 7 / Booth S7-110