RWM Italia S.p.A.

RWM Italia S.p.A.’s principal activities are the development and manufacturing of countermining systems, medium to large calibre ammunition and warheads.

The company offers a wealth of expertise in explosives and defence technology, which has been supplied to the defence departments and ministries of Italy, its allies and other like-minded nations for decades.

RWM Italia is headquartered in Ghedi in northern Italy and has a production plant in Sardinia at Domusnovas.

Systems & Products

RWM Italia's core competencies are:

  • Countermining systems
  • Warheads
  • Electronic fuzing systems

Further Information according to the "Decreto Legislativo 231/01"

Further Information according to the "Decreto Legislativo 105/2015"

Information for staff employed by a third party, or self-employed staff, present in the plant, on the major accident risks and measures to prevent them or to limit the consequences to human health and the environment (in accordance with Annex B of the Legislative Decree no. 105/2015, rev.29.03.2019)

Informazione del personale alle dipendenze di terzi o autonomo presente in stabilimento sui rischi di incidente rilevante e sulle misure atte a prevenirli o limitarne le conseguenze per la salute umana e per l’ambiente (ai sensi dell’Allegato B del D.Lgs. 105/2015, rev.29.03.2019)

The following information is available only in Italian:

  • RWM Italia S.p.A.

    Via Industriale 8/D
    25016 Ghedi (BS)
    Phone: +39 030 9043 1
    Fax: +39 030 9050 907

  • RWM Italia S.p.A.


    Loc. Matt´ è Conti
    09015 Domusnovas (SU)