Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH

Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH (formerly Rheinmetall Active Protection GmbH), headquartered in Bonn, Germany, was founded in 2007 by Rheinmetall and IBD Deisenroth, Germany, to join forces to develop active vehicle protection systems. In June 2019, Rheinmetall acquired IBD Deisenroth Engineering GmbH in Lohmar, Germany, and its national and international subsidiaries. Together with Rheinmetall Chempro GmbH and Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection GmbH, it is now part of the Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH (RPS). This means that Rheinmetall's protection system capabilities are efficiently pooled under one roof.

For some 60 years, Rheinmetall has specialized in the development and production of components and systems for the protection of persons, vehicles, aircraft, ships and other assets. National and international customers expect one thing above all others: maximum protection and security.

Rheinmetall has a unique overall protection portfolio and can offer 360-degree protection: products and services for light-, medium- and heavy-duty protection. As a leading systems house for active and passive protection and soft-kill security solutions Rheinmetall Protection Systems offers development and production from a single source. In addition, the protection unit is characterized by short decision paths and high cost efficiency.

Rheinmetall Protection Systems is an independent protection provider with a worldwide customer base and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad, e.g. in the Netherlands and UAE. This global presence allows close customer proximity, local added value and tight local cooperation.

RPS's worldwide customers include national ministries and authorities as well as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers/platform producers) of land vehicles, aircraft, and ships.

Rheinmetall Protection Sytems – we protect lives.

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Rheinmetall Protection Systems for active and passive protection and soft-kill security solutions