Rheinmetall Dienstleistungszentrum Altmark GmbH

Rheinmetall will continue to be responsible for providing contractor support at one of the world’s most advanced military training facilities, the German Army Training Centre (GÜZ) in the Altmark region of Saxony-Anhalt through 2018.

Rheinmetall Dienstleistungszentrum Altmark GmbH, which was founded specifically for this purpose, will thus remain the on-site industrial service provider at GÜZ.

At GÜZ, military formations of all types can be comprehensively prepared and trained for combat operations and deployments of every conceivable type. In future this will also include training for military operations in urban terrain and the inclusion of Future Soldier (IdZ) technology, the expanded version of which (Gladius/ IdZ-ES) is likewise a key Rheinmetall system.

As one of the largest employers in the region, Rheinmetall, with its locally recruited employees, covers an impressive array of services. These include overall management of all contractor activities and maintenance and repair of the tactical vehicles for the training formations ranging, from all-terrain vehicles to main battle tanks. Vehicles with special systems, such as trainer vehicles and video and conference vehicles are driven and serviced by the trained staff of the transport services group. Rheinmetall also performs service and maintenance on the complete IT hardware and software.

Further tasks include operation and maintenance of the headquarters cell, the communications network and laser duel simulators, as well as the issue, check-in, maintenance and storage of the numerous items of simulation equipment. These activities already comprise the service component of Rheinmetall's Legatus product. Using the components of this product, military training centres can be tailored to precisely meet the customer requirements and installed locally.

As a flexible and professional partner for the Bundeswehr, Rheinmetall is committed to systematically advancing the current GÜZ capabilities so as to optimally support the unqualified fulfilment of the core military task.

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