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The Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art air defence and antiaircraft systems. In the domain of cannon-based air defence technology, the company is the global leader and the sole single-source supplier of fire control systems, automatic cannon, integrated missile launchers and Ahead ammunition. The core competency of Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is the development and manufacture of advanced air defence systems as well as simulators and training systems.

All air defence activities within the Rheinmetall group are concentrated under the leadership of Rheinmetall Air Defence AG. In order to strengthen its position in the world market, in 2009 Rheinmetall had changed the name of Oerlikon Contraves AG to Rheinmetall Air Defence AG.

Systems & Products

Around the globe, the armed forces of more than 40 nations have come to rely on the multifaceted, automated and highly effective air defence solutions produced by Rheinmetall Air Defence. Among the company's best-known products are its widely introduced Skyguard twin-gun fire units, the Skyshield generation with its pioneering revolver guns, and the highly mobile Skyranger family, which is capable of engaging both air and ground targets.

Rheinmetall Air Defence advises and assists customers on introducing new and existing weapon systems and on meeting their logistical and maintenance needs. Moreover, it provides the necessary training, and makes available combat upgrade packages for extending the service life of weapon systems. Ammunition, individual weapons and complete systems undergo rigorous testing and trials at the proving ground at Ochsenboden in Switzerland.

In addition, Rheinmetall Air Defence with its unit Laser Solutions offers a broad range of electro-optical equipment and operates the Manufacturing Center Zurich. The range of services offered by the manufacturing unit includes project planning, design and development, materials procurement and process engineering as well as the assembly and commissioning of units, equipment and systems.

Moreover Rheinmetall Air Defence offers comprehensive life cycle management services, customer-oriented warehousing and shipping logistics. Experienced service engineers provide customers with technical support at every stage of the supply process.

The product range includes:

Laser solutions for civil industrial applications

Furthermore the unit offers a wide array of products for civil industrial applications. These range from laser light sources, laser systems, light barriers to optic and opto-mechanical components for laboratories, and from optical sensors and fibre optics to laser safety eyewear, search lamps and flashlights.

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