Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc.

Advanced robotic technology for unmanned systems

What started as a small and mighty team in 2006 was formalized as Provectus Robotics Solutions in Ottawa in 2010. In 2019, the company was acquired by Rheinmetall Canada Inc., thus joining the prestigious Rheinmetall banner. Today, backed by a proven history of diverse project executions, Rheinmetall Provectus, still legally registered as Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc., strives to provide customers with a proven autonomous navigation technology that helps solve their safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.

Proven solutions you can rely on

Rheinmetall Provectus is a global leader in autonomous navigation, delivering customized unmanned ground vehicle solutions that can handle rugged terrain and harsh conditions with ease. For more than a decade, we have helped a wide range of industries – from mining and forestry to security and logistics – increase worksite productivity, reduce risk, and maintain worker safety.

Thanks to our highly experienced team and key industry partnerships, we are able to create complex, tailored, never-before-seen solutions that set the bar for autonomous navigation.

Our flagship technologies

We want platform manufacturers and industry leaders alike to benefit from our solution’s vast array of problem-solving and risk-mitigating features, no matter the challenge at hand.

Our unmanned ground vehicle technology has excelled in a wide range of real-life situations, including successful deployments with esteemed partners like the Canadian Space Agency and the U.S. Military.

Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit

Turn any vehicle into an autonomous powerhouse

Seamlessly integrate autonomous technology into your existing fleet with the PATH autonomy kit (A-kit): an advanced control suite that can convert any ground vehicle into a highly versatile mobile robotic platform. The A-kit is entirely vehicle-agnostic, making it suitable for any business that wants to address labour shortages and keep employees out of harm’s way.

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Rheinmetall AXUS

A modular, multi-purpose autonomous vehicle

Fuelled entirely by electric power, this autonomous vehicle solution combines our gold-standard software and sensors with a configurable and customizable platform. Reliable both above and below ground, AXUS can independently complete transport and resupply tasks so your team can focus on what they do best.

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Our solutions for all industries

No matter the industry or sector, our autonomous navigation platform and A-kit can help businesses and operators overcome their safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.


Keeping airports safe with autonomous vehicle solutions

When a suspicious bag is detected in an airport terminal, everything grinds to a halt. Service is disrupted at moment’s notice, resulting in multi-million-dollar losses for airlines and massive headaches for travelers.

The fastest and safest way to resolve suspicious baggage issues is with Rheinmetall Provectus’ autonomous Unmanned Baggage Handler (UBH). Initially deployed in Canada at the Quebec City airport in 2012, the UBH has since been adopted by Kelowna and Victoria airports to remove threats, reduce downtime, and minimize passenger disruption.

How Rheinmetall Provectus can help

Keep employees safe: Equipped with the proven Rheinmetall PATH autonomous navigation technology, the UBH can be teleoperated at a safe standoff distance, keeping airport staff out of harm’s way. Using a remote control, employees can direct the suspect bag away from the terminal building, then neutralize the threat without having to interact with the luggage themselves.

Nonstop operation:The first UBH on the market has been operating 24/7/365 since then and now has over 41 500 hours under its belt. Its ability to remain in continuous operation facilitates unparalleled readiness and minimal downtime: the moment UBH is needed, it will be on its way to the baggage site.

Features and benefits

  • Steel dump box for easy baggage off-boarding
  • Long range wireless communication system for transport away from terminals
  • Additional transport capabilities for regular luggage


Streamline your forestry trucking operations

The forestry industry is no stranger to harsh conditions. Logging companies are in constant need of experienced drivers who can operate large trucks in snowy, rainy, or dusty environments, which can prove to be a challenge. At Rheinmetall Provectus, we have innovated a safer, more efficient way to transport lumber and materials: the Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit.

This platform-agnostic autonomous technology can seamlessly transform any fleet into an autonomous one. PATH makes it simple to run a convoy of autonomous logging trucks, hence multiplies your ability to deliver materials.

How Rheinmetall Provectus can help

Ramp up efficiency: Our truck platooning functionality allows two or more vehicles to create a convoy – but only the first truck requires a fully qualified driver. This means operators can maximize the amount of timber or lumber being delivered with only one driver in the truck leading the convoy.

Address labour shortages: Every logging truck equipped with our technology is one less qualified driver needed to get the job done. By using safety drivers behind the wheel of autonomous follower trucks, only one qualified driver is required to safely guide a convoy of trucks from the forest to the mill. If you are contending with a lack of commercially licensed employees, the Rheinmetall PATH can help you to make use of a readily available labour pool that can fulfill the role of safety driver.

Run a safer operation: One of the most dangerous factors while on the road is human error – especially when driving long distances as part of a logging operation. Thanks to its advanced navigation system, our technology can detect obstacles and accurately follow the path of the lead truck better than a human can, allowing you to keep employees safe from harm.

Features and benefits

  • Operation in all weather conditions and around the clock
  • Safe navigation with exceptional precision using advanced onboard sensors
  • Easy integration of Rheinmetall PATH-equipped trucks into existing fleets with very little training
  • Easy expansion of the PATH’s capabilities into other woodlot operations, like unloading and relocating lumber


Unparalleled safety and efficiency for mining operations

Rheinmetall Provectus is expert in underground, GPS-denied, autonomous navigation and is introducing it to the mining industry. Our team believes that miners should be doing what they do best – mining, not driving themselves and supplies around your site – so as to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Rheinmetall Provectus’ autonomous vehicle solutions keep staff out of hazardous environments, but can also complete a wide range of industrial tasks. They can carry just-in-time deliveries for goods and materials, conduct post-blast surveillance missions, and more – all without endangering a single employee.

How Rheinmetall Provectus can help

Streamlined labour: The more you automate your operations, the fewer mine-certified staff you will need to get the job done. Using unmanned vehicles will hence be key in labour shortage situations.

Increased safety: Safety in the mining industry is paramount. By using fully electric autonomous vehicles such as the Rheinmetall AXUS, diesel fuel emissions are eliminated, and operations can resume post blast when human would face hazardous health conditions.

Heightened efficiency: In underground hard rock mining, humans must vacate the mine during blasting operations and wait for airborne toxins to ventilate from the mine. During this time, autonomous vehicles powered by the Rheinmetall PATH can bring materials to the worksite, saving valuable time and increasing overall mine efficiency.

Features and benefits

Rheinmetall AXUS autonomous vehicle was designed specifically for underground situations like mining and is highly adept at navigating harsh environments:

  • Zero-emission vehicles create a safer work environment
  • Alleviation of range anxiety: AXUS can complete up to 200 km on a single charge
  • Thanks to AXUS’s robust construction, loads up to one ton can be carried on mine ramps

Added value

  • 24-hour nonstop operation
  • Proven autonomous navigation in underground environments
  • Easy integration into existing mining infrastructure
  • Performance metrics and job progress tracking for added analytical value

Rheinmetall demonstrates its autonomous resupply capability in mining operations

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Outdoor logistics

What you need, where and when you need it.

Outdoor warehouses, construction, and job sites involve moving numerous and frequently heavy items from point A to point B. Often this monotonous and labour consuming job is perfect for an autonomous vehicle.

Innovated and engineered by Rheinmetall Provectus, the Rheinmetall AXUS is an industry-leading autonomous vehicle platform designed for transport tasks. Instead of putting employees in harm’s way or missing deadlines due to labour shortage, AXUS can run anytime and in any conditions, without the need for a human operator.

How Rheinmetall Provectus can help

Flexible labour: Don’t have enough staff on hand to get the delivery done? Autonomous vehicles are always ready to fill gaps in your labour force. They can run all day and all night, keeping you on track and on time even if you’re short-staffed.

Safer operations: The AXUS can help reduce safety risks. It operates safely in all weather conditions, features a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system, and can be sent in place of a human driver on just about any route.

Enhanced productivity: Time is money. By complementing your operations with AXUS, you can keep moving 24/7, running an even more efficient operation and keeping productivity right on schedule.

Features and benefits

Our autonomous AXUS vehicle and PATH autonomous kit (A-kit) are built to withstand harsh road conditions and unpredictable environments:

  • Bring your company into the future with AXUS fully electric features like quiet operation and zero emissions
  • Convert any vehicle into an autonomous carrier with the PATH A-kit, our platform-agnostic technology
  • Leverage high-accuracy navigation in both GPS-enabled and GPS-denied environments

Rheinmetall highlights its multi-vehicle logistics convoy capability

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Trailblazing the final frontier of autonomous vehicle technology

At Rheinmetall Provectus, we are proud to offer the most robust autonomous vehicle solutions on the market – and our experience in the space industry is the ultimate testament to our products’ reliability.

The Rheinmetall PATH software suite has been selected by world-class space exploration institutions like NASA and the CSA when designing their rover mobility solutions. For each mandate, Rheinmetall Provectus provided hardware design, integration support, sensor subsystem integration, and command and control software for the delivered rovers.

How Rheinmetall Provectus can help

Proven reliability: NASA has conducted rigorous testing on our drivetrain control software for lunar rover applicability, ensuring its suitability for future missions. The Rheinmetall PATH has been chosen over and over again for its stability, reliability, and ability to accommodate new technologies within the ever-changing hardware landscape.

Total peace of mind: When a rover is deployed in space, there are few opportunities (if any) to conduct repairs or upgrades. That means the technology needs to work – no exceptions. Rheinmetall Provectus’ wealth of experience in both the space industry and beyond means its clients can enjoy complete peace of mind, conducting missions with full confidence.

Features and benefits

  • Platform-agnostic software to operate on any rover.
  • Operation in all conditions and around the clock
  • Safe navigation with exceptional precision using advanced onboard sensors

A company on a mission

Rheinmetall Provectus strives to provide every one of its customers with proven autonomous navigation technology that helps solve their most pressing safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.

Always on the pursuit of excellence

When budgets, timelines, and worker safety are on the line, go with a name that guarantees quality, innovation, and reliability.

Proven reliability in all conditions

When you choose Rheinmetall Provectus, you are not only choosing the most cutting-edge technology on the market – you are also choosing peace of mind. Our solutions have been field-tested and proven in countless real-life situations, including on-road, off-road, underground, and extreme conditions.

Backed by a sterling track record for reliability, you can be sure our solutions will work when you need them most.

Promises made, promises kept

Our team stands behind our brand promise with unwavering conviction: if it bears the Rheinmetall Provectus name, it will work. We take the time to truly understand each client’s navigation needs, goals, and objectives in-depth, and that allows us to build out a project framework that is both ambitious and realistic.

We have complete confidence in every project we deliver and guarantee that our solutions are tested, proven, safe, and reliable.

The values that drive us forward


We do what we say. We never over-promise and we always deliver. We set realistic expectations that are always fulfilled, which puts us head and shoulders above the competition.


Listen first, then act: We are attentive to our clients’ needs so we can provide solutions tailored to their unique challenges. We also keep our ears open for valuable ideas from our teammates.


We go all in: Our team is deeply invested in our clients’ success, and everyone has the chance to share their ideas. We go the extra mile not only for our partners, but also for our colleagues.


A career on the cutting edge at Rheinmetall Provectus

At Rheinmetall Provectus, we don’t just build autonomous vehicles – we encourage autonomous employees. Immerse yourself in a work environment that values your ideas and puts you at the forefront of the innovation process.

The perks of being on our team:

  • As a member of the Rheinmetall group, we have the support required to innovate quickly and explore complex projects.
  • We enjoy the best of both worlds: the agility of a startup with the stability of an established company.
  • We go beyond the abstract by working with real systems, collaborating with real customers, and creating a real-world impact.
  • Our technology’s platform-agnostic nature means employees are exposed to a variety of industries.
  • The tight-knit structure of our team facilitates an advanced level of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Continue your professional development with additional training, weekly lunch-and-learns, and more.

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A wealth of experience under one roof

Our robotics system experts bring diverse professional backgrounds and areas of specialization to the table. Together, our team is greater than the sum of its parts – just like our autonomous vehicles!

  • Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc.

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