LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH

LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH in Jena/Germany is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH. The company is a leading manufacturer of customized systems and developments in the areas of optoelectronics, sensor- and laser technology. LDT has been working for well-known industrial customers all over the world for almost 20 years and is an established player in this market.

Systems & Products

Visualizations with speed of light

The eye is the most important sense of human perception. After all it anticipates 70% of all information in our environment which is subsequently processed, interpreted and stored by the brain. To illustrate this information in high resolution and close to reality, LDT’s extremely efficient projection systems will help.

Worldwide unique projection technology

LDT is specialized on projection of pictures and animated contents in unequaled quality on any suitable surfaces. Either in domes of simulators and planetariums or with complex cylindrical projection in the field of Virtual Reality - as soon as the highest level of reality is required, LTD’s projectors and systems will be used. This realistic level of projections is based on the capability of the system with a maximum of brilliance, maximum depth of sharpness and contrast.

Highly specialized partner for high end solutions

A team of 30 top engineers are the basis for the customized high-end technology and offers complete packages for their customers starting with the development leading to series production in their own production area up to maintenance, service and product support during operation. Furthermore they possess the technical know-how to develop new products especially in areas of optoelectronics and image processing to launch them into the market.

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