American Rheinmetall Systems, LLC

American Rheinmetall Systems (ARS), was established in 2007 and is located in Biddeford Maine, USA. In 2010 American Rheinmetall Systems became a subsidiary of the Rheinmetall Group and formed part of the Business Unit, Integrated Electronic Systems. Rheinmetall Defence is comprised of 3 divisions and many subsidiaries. This enables American Rheinmetall Systems to pull international technologies from its sister companies, into the US market to provide customers with innovative world-class products.

With its 37 employees, American Rheinmetall Systems is a mechanical and electro-optical engineering company specializing in sophisticated system integration, assembly, and R&D, working in close cooperation with customers worldwide. The company is a key sub-supplier to Kongsberg for the US Army’s CROWS program, producing mounts, firing mechanisms and video imaging modules. The American Rheinmetall Systems product portfolio includes but is not limited to: fire control systems, laser aiming devices, laser range finders, and weapon improvement packages.

American Rheinmetall Systems’ most recent contract award is for the U.S. Army’s Grenadier Sighting System (GSS) program. The GSS program is a limited developmental contract with a full rate production ceiling of 84,000 units. American Rheinmetall Systems was also previously selected by U.S. SOCOM to provide the Vingmate Fire Control System for Automatic Grenade Launchers and Heavy Machine guns.

American Rheinmetall Systems is an established player, well positioned to provide defense-related products to the US market for many years to come.

Systems & Products

Products offered by American Rheinmetall Systems comprise:

  • Vario-Ray Low Profile
  • Vingmate Fire Control System
  • Vingmate Multi-Ray500 (MR500)
  • Vingmate Multi-Ray800 (MR800)
  • Vingmate 4500
  • VIM camera
  • TAC-Ray – Laser module with laser range finder
  • LLM-PI – Laser light module pistol

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