MK312 Mod 0 40 mm x 46 IR Tactical Marker

The MK312 Mod 0 Infrared (IR) Tactical Marker cartridge is used for accurate IR-marking of enemy targets and for directing air and ground fires to threat locations during nighttime or low-visibility conditions. Upon impact, the MK312 breaks open and disperses an IR chemiluminescent material that, while invisible to the naked eye, is clearly visible using the appropriate night vision equipment. The marking from a MK312 grenade can be seen from altitudes of 400 feet or greater.

The projectile's driving band is made of plastic in order to minimize barrel wear and enhance accuracy. The cartridge case is composed of aluminum and contains the patented Rheinmetall propulsion unit and its associated primer and propellant charge. The unique, patented high/low-pressure chamber system allows for controlled gas pressure build-up, which results in consistent muzzle velocities and excellent accuracy. In addition, the smooth pressure build-up curve reduces the felt recoil of the cartridge.

Key characteristics

  • Chemical marking compound of the MK312 designates targets and points of interest in complete darkness
  • Marking is visible from the ground and air with night vision equipment
  • Illumination lasts at least two minutes
  • Highly reliable and accurate propulsion unit
  • Maximum effective range is 400 m


  • Product is U.S. qualified and available for sale
  • In service in Sweden

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