MK 1 Mod 0 66 mm Smoke Screening IR grenade, vehicle launched

The MK 1 Mod 0 is a vehicle-launched IR smoke-screening grenade that significantly reduces the probability of enemy hits by interrupting the line of sight (LOS) in the visual and infrared spectrum. It thus protects combat vehicles from visual and infrared observation, aiming equipment, sensor-guided weapons as well as laser illuminators, beam-riders and laser rangefinders. The 66 mm MK 1 Mod 0 is based on a bi-modular, multispectral ammunition concept consisting of a

  • rapid-reaction jamming module producing intense over-radiation utilizing proven decoy technology, coupled with a
  • long-duration module producing visual and infrared screening smoke

Numerous tests and live fire field trials have successfully demonstrated the jamming, screening and obscuring effectiveness of 66 mm grenade technology, including tests against antitank missiles.

Main features

  • Bi-modular, multispectral ammunition concept with rapid-reaction flare deployment and long-duration IR and visual screening component
  • Jamming effect created by over-radiation utilizing proven decoy technologies
  • Effective against simultaneous and multiple attacks with sensor- and laser-guided weapons
  • Nontoxic according to STANAG 4588


  • Fielded and combat-proven
  • In service with USMC and other armies

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