M1110 40 mm x 46 Day/Night Trainer

The Rheinmetall M1110 40mmx46 Day/Night Trainer cartridge is the perfect training ammunition, giving users and operators the ability to train during either day or night sessions. The M1110 uses the same low-cost and readily available propulsion unit as does the M781 training grenade, thereby reducing training costs while enhancing ammunition commonality. The M1110 is built from the ground up to be a safe, efficient, low cost training round, used to enhance the frequency and safety of training sessions.

The key characteristic of the M1110 is its dual powder and chemiluminescent inserts that visiblymark targets under both day- and night-time conditions. Apart from the significant improvements in the frequency and availability of night training, the M1110 training cartridge also allows units to train on ranges that are otherwise restricted due to dry weather (fire danger) or safety (unexploded ordnance) hazards. The “inert” nature of the M1110s warhead also makes it ideal for hazardfree maneuver training, such as “shoot and scoot” or mechanized infantry training, since the grenade can be safely walked on or driven over.

Key characteristics

  • Marking grenade uses a patented, dual system of powder and chemiluminescent materials to enable day- and nighttime marking
  • In daylight, the marking is visible with the naked eye, at night, the marking is visible with both night vision equipment and the naked eye
  • Maximum effective range up to 400m


  • Under qualification

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