American Rheinmetall Munition

American Rheinmetall Munition Inc. (ARM) is the U.S. operating subsidiary of Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH, Germany. The company is registered as a DBA and is doing business as American Rheinmetall Munitions, Inc.

ARM produces training and combat ammunition for the U.S. military forces. Combat grenades and smoke grenades for vehicle protection also form part of the company's product range.

ARM is committed to continued growth by means of strategic teaming, exceptional supply-chain management, advanced production techniques, and alignment with Department of Defense's initiatives to provide the best for warfighters.



The headquarters of American Rheinmetall Munition are located in Stafford, Virginia.


ARM built an assembly plant in East Camden, Arkansas. The facility manufactures High Velocity 40mm MK281 projectiles for the U.S. market as well as the M1110 40mm Low Velocity non-dud producing so-called "Green Ammunition" training round.

Systems & Products

Helping the Marines win the fight

The MK281 40 mm training grenade gives U.S. Marine Corps MK19 gunners a cost effective, safe, and advanced day and night training solution. The cartridge uses unique target marking technologies that enable both day and night training. Training with advanced practice ammunition from ARM keeps the Marines ready for operations around the world.