Expandable handgrenade 08 (ehgr08) and cutting charge

The expandable handgrenade 08 "EHGr08" is a modular offensive grenade with high safety features and enable the user options for different blast effects in different operational areas. The blast charge functions after 3.0sec to 5.0sec delay time in a temperature range of –46°C to +63°C. These effects combined with the qualified, reliably fuzing system provide the users with the key ingredients for a good offensive grenade, i.e. high blast and high safety.

The user is able to change the blast effect by add on or screw off a body. Additionally we can provide a cutting charge as a body.

It is a flexible hand grenade body specially designed for the expandable hand grenade to penetrate armoured steel and destroy sensitive goods.

Operational areas

  • Military operation in urbanized terrain (MOUT)
  • Bunker
  • Caves

Key characteristics

  • Modular system is adaptable to different operational scenarios
  • Selectable strength for the user
  • Qualified handgrenade
  • Training system available


  • In service with the Swedish Armed Forces

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