American Rheinmetall Defense

Next-generation solutions for the US Armed Forces

American Rheinmetall Defense, Inc., headquartered in Reston, VA, is the US Hub for Rheinmetall Defence – a key player in the European defense industry – that brings the global company's complete range of defense and security products to the United States market. Rheinmetall Defence is a longstanding partner of NATO and has many years of experience as a top supplier to the US Department of Defense.

Rheinmetall's US organization includes established engineering and production capabilities that allow it to modify existing products and develop new solutions that meet the priority requirements of its US customers. These products consist of, but are not limited to, game-changing solutions for next-generation vehicles, innovations for increased soldier lethality, and advanced high-tech munitions.

American Rheinmetall Defense, as the US Hub, constitutes a centralized support structure for its three specialized operating companies: American Rheinmetall Systems, American Rheinmetall Munition, and American Rheinmetall Vehicles. The US Hub is positioned to provide guidance to these companies by:

  • establishing and maintaining US industry and government relationships,
  • managing business development and customer engagement activities,
  • developing and implementing corporate strategies, and
  • leading and executing all marketing efforts.

American Rheinmetall Defense is committed to delivering next-generation solutions to the US Armed Forces in support of their critical modernization priorities.

Rheinmetall Defence – Force protection is our mission

Next-generation solutions for the US Armed Forces

Rheinmetall's specialized corporations and capabilities in the US

American Rheinmetall Munition

Stafford, Virginia – Headquarters / Camden, Arkansas – Production

  • Medium caliber low and high velocity munitions
  • Large caliber munitions
  • Extended range artillery
  • Sound and flash grenades
  • Handheld and vehicle mounted smoke screening grenades
  • Expandable hand grenades
  • Day and night training and practice cartridges
  • Tactical marker cartridges
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Airburst munition technology
  • Propellants
  • Munitions fuzing
  • Active protection systems
  • Naval and airborne decoys

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American Rheinmetall Systems

Biddeford, Maine

  • Weapon mounted laser ranging, aiming and illuminating devices
  • Weapon mounted fire control systems
  • Remote weapon station systems and optics, including HD camera modules
  • Heavy weapon mounts and improvement packages
  • Vehicle mounted surveillance and fire control solutions
  • Programming units for airburst munitions
  • Electronic systems for vehicles
  • Soldier situational awareness systems
  • Unmanned ground vehicle platforms

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American Rheinmetall Vehicles

Sterling Heights, Michigan

  • Main battle tanks
  • Tracked infantry fighting vehicles
  • Wheeled and tracked armored vehicles and armored support vehicles
  • Tactical trucks and militarized trucks
  • Manned and unmanned turret systems
  • Robotic and autonomous systems

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