Simulation and Training

Realistic training under laboratory conditions

Simulators spare real-world equipment from wear-and-tear and exposure to the elements, as well as enabling training in extreme situations that would be virtually impossible to practise in the field. Moreover, they can be used under all weather conditions and around the clock. Simulators lend themselves extremely well to ground, air and naval forces as well as civil sector users, recreating a realistic environment for training individual operators and crews. Moreover, they can be used to train entire units in tactical operations to prepare troops for out-of-area peace enforcement missions.

Packed with state-of-the-art technology, combat simulators from Rheinmetall Defence enable digital transmission of all sequences, movements and weapon effects to the exercise control cell, where the current situation is continuously depicted and events can be reproduced at any time for evaluating and reviewing the exercise.

From urban combat exercises for infantrymen in our MOUT centre to tactical drills for submarine crews in a full-scale operations centre to full mission flight simulators for training pilots. Rheinmetall Defence is one of the world’s leading suppliers and operators of simulation and training systems.

Simulators can be deployed whatever the weather conditions, are available round the clock, spare the actual hardware concerned and enable training in the handling of extreme situations which it is virtually impossible to reproduce even during exercises.

The Rheinmetall Defence Group‘s expertise in the field of military simulation technology encompasses virtually every training task relating to weapons and command and control systems.

Moreover, the Group also offers simulation systems for a wide array of civilian applications, including driving simulators for trucks and trams.