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Equipment for light infantry

In today's rapidly transforming armed forces, the infantryman continues to play a central role in new operational scenarios. His mission spectrum is extremely complex, calling for capabilities enabling high-mobility operations in difficult, unfamiliar terrain, even when dismounted.

Increasingly often, the infantryman has to operate in urban areas and under extreme climatic conditions. He has to contend with new asymmetric threats, and frequently faces attacks from irregular forces.

Moreover: infantry in modern airmobile and other special operations have to be able to carry out a multiplicity of highly diverse missions. This doesn't just require new force structures; it requires modern equipment specifically tailored to the task.

Advanced technologies can make a major contribution to improving the survivability, C4I capabilities, sustainability, mobility and lethality of modern military operations. Our aim is a wellprotected soldier, equipped with robust weapons, a clear view of the tactical situation and reliable means of communication.

The important thing: providing the troops with an open infantry system based on modular combat equipment and delivering enhanced performance and reduced weight. And it isn't just with regard to weight that we need to avoid overburdening the soldier: equipment should be easy to use even under tough field conditions.

A modular design ensures operational flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations and mission requirements. Moreover, modular equipment can be used in multiple ways–including by other branches of the military.

Meeting the infantry's need for high mobility requires an armed, airportable vehicle. An essential component of the total system: it can be armoured to improve the survivability of its occupants, and equipped with additional weapons for enhanced lethality.

As a means of transport, it increases operational sustainability, enabling troops to carry more equipment while ensuring communications with the next higher echelon as well as a network centric warfare capability. Naturally, diverse missions and a high degree of specialization call for the deployment of various vehicle systems.

Rheinmetall Defence: Cutting edge technology for light infantry operations

Building on a long, proud tradition of innovative competence, Rheinmetall Defence is Europe's leading supplier of systems for ground forces, offering a wide array of armoured vehicles, weapons, ammunition, reconnaissance technology and network-enabled capabilities, including

  • Communications systems
  • Armoured transport vehicles
  • Command vehicles
  • Reconnaissance vehicles
  • Combat vehicles
  • Sensors and optics
  • Weapon systems
  • Ammunition
  • Pyrotechnic products
  • Training systems

all meticulously designed to meet the special requirements of light infantry forces.

In addition, Rheinmetall Defence offers a wide range of training resources and instruction systems: the spectrum extends from a company-owned major training area to sophisticated training simulators. Responding to the increasing prevalence of military operations in urban terrain (Mout), Rheinmetall has developed a mobile training system to teach troops the skills they need in order to fight in towns and cities. Enabling highly realistic training, this system also offers the possibility of in-depth evaluation of exercises and after action briefings.

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