RWM Italia S.p.A.

RWM Italia S.p.A.’s principal activities are the development and manufacturing of countermining systems, medium to large calibre ammunition and warheads.

The company offers a wealth of expertise in explosives and defence technology, which has been supplied to the defence departments and ministries of Italy, its allies and other like-minded nations for decades.

RWM Italia is headquartered in Ghedi in northern Italy and has a production plant in Sardinia at Domusnovas.

Systems & Products

RWM Italia's core competencies are:

  • Countermining systems
  • Warheads
  • Electronic fuzing systems

Further Information according to the "Decreto Legislativo 231/01"

  • RWM Italia S.p.A.

    Via Industriale 8/D
    25016 Ghedi (BS)
    Phone: +39 30 9043 1
    Fax: +39 30 9050 907