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Rheinmetall – The technology group for security and mobility

Part of the globe-spanning Rheinmetall Group – also a major supplier of automotive components – Rheinmetall Defence has long been a prominent member of the international defence and security industry. Last year, Rheinmetall Defence's 10,000 employees generated annual sales of €2.24 billion. As a top European supplier of army technology, we offer an extensive array of military hardware that enhances the mobility, reconnaissance capabilities, lethality and survivability of troops deployed in harm’s way, and also enables the networking of national and international systems. Rheinmetall has spent years pioneering new technologies for protecting friendly forces, systematically expanding its range of products in this critical field.

Globally acclaimed, Rheinmetall Defence’s core competencies stand for capabilities- oriented innovation: new generations of vehicles with optimized protection concepts, network-enabled sensors and optronics, platform-independent weapon systems, C-RAM-capable air defence and high-performance ammunition, including non-lethal variants. It makes no difference whether the task at hand relates to your country’s ground, air or naval forces or all three, or whether what is at stake is your external or internal security: Rheinmetall’s unrivalled capability of integrating individual components into network-based total solutions makes us a natural partner for the world’s armed forces and security services of Germany, its allies and other like-minded nations.

Making an active contribution to Force Transformation

Rheinmetall Defence is an active, much sought-after participant in the process of Force Transformation, turning territorial defence armies into hard-hitting rapid deployment forces capable of intervening in remote theatres of operation. To reinforce our leading position in the market we regularly augment the development work we do on behalf of customers with our own independently financed research and development activities.

Rheinmetall Defence is taking part in current efforts to create open IT interfaces for networking high-performance technical solutions in the sensor-to-shooter chain or between platforms belonging to different branches of the military.

Three divisions – one goal

Creating mission-oriented capabilities today for the security challenges of tomorrow

In this era of Force Transformation, creating new capabilities for the armed forces requires more than just close and timely co operation between customer and contractor. Far more, it calls for new forms of networked thinking and working which link the company’s specialized divisions not only to each other but to other contractors as well.

Rheinmetall Defence’s internal structure is oriented not merely to the needs of the market, but to creating mission-driven capabilities, in turn fostering system-oriented thinking. The company’s innovative strengths are channelled into three specialized divisions, acting in unison to develop the defence solutions of tomorrow.

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